Zombie Driver Ultimate Edition Review

When I heard this game was releasing on Xbox One it got me quite excited. I liked the concept and look of it!

I started off playing the Story mode and had a few rounds on that. I have to admit the game does get a bit repetitive. All the story mode seems to be, is driving from whichever base you’re at, going and saving someone, then driving back. While mowing down Zombies in whichever fashion you deem fit. Whether it be machine gun, flame thrower or letting them burn in your Nitro backdraft. Even when you are facing bosses they are very static and all you have to do is move to another spot, start shooting, rinse and repeat, and in no time the boss will be defeated with relative ease.

Race mode is pretty much standard to above… Although this time, you’re racing other drivers… While mowing down Zombies. However, you get to mow down your opponents by shooting or damaging them in whichever way, to try and get the upper hand.

Slaughter mode is very reminiscent of Story Mode. This mode however is a survive as long as you can from wave after wave of Zombies. However for this one, the more of the story you have played, the bigger choice of cars you will have at your disposal. Which when you have got the bigger and more rugged vehicles will make it easier to get the higher scores as you go through the waves.

The menus in the game are slightly confusing at times. Everything seems higgledy piggledy and there can be too much information to take in. For example there are weapon upgrades and car upgrades squashed on the same screen which I found rather confusing, it could have been done better having the sections separated so weapon upgrades where on one tab and car upgrades on another tab. This would have then allowed the information to be larger. As even on my 32′ screen, I had a hard time understanding what was going on. Specially as it took me a while to see where the section was that told me how much in game cash I had.

The in game music doesn’t seem to give any sense of atmosphere, and is quite mediocre. Not that a game like this should have happy bouncy music, but the music should give a sense of any impending doom you may face on your next wave, or mission in story mode, but unfortunately it just doesn’t do it.

However…. That all being said, this is a fun game…a very fun game…. When played in relatively short bursts. The levels are beautifully designed and play well with no issues.

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