Xenoraid | Review


Xenoraid is an exciting shooter game with classic action and modern features. Intercept the alien threat in missions that play out differently every time. Pilot skillfully to line up devastating bursts of fire. Switch between four fighters during combat to bring in the best weapons for each situation. Upgrade, repair and enhance your squadron between missions. Bring down huge alien capital ships in hectic bossfights. Put your skills to the ultimate test in three endless survival missions with online leaderboards!


I have to admit that these type of games aren’t really my thing. I find them quite one dimensional in terms of how they play and what there is to do.

Xenoraid is just like a new age Space Invaders, all you are doing within the game is facing wave after wave of enemies, and after a little while it gets quite boring. Sure, there are additions to each ‘mission’ that you play through, however I couldn’t help part way through thinking ‘when is this going to end’. The game got a bit tedious as there wasn’t much of a change in what was going on. It was simply beat the enemies that come at you until it says mission complete.

Xenoraid feels very much the same right the way through each level. The only thing that changes are the enemies that you face, and even then there isn’t much variation in these. You mostly find yourself facing bigger enemies of the ones that you are currently facing, and at the beginning in the first couple of missions, I have seen the same enemy 3 times, just in different sizes. There could at least be variants in colours, but nope, there all pretty much designed the same.


A few extra things also come into play the more you get into the game such as asteroids which you have to avoid. You can blow these up and some of them will give you credits and other items to collect.

You can collect credits within the game to purchase upgrades for your ships as well as repair them. You get a healthy bonus to start off with with the game giving you around 1000 credits. However, as your going through the game, you will find that this generosity wasn’t so very generous. As repairs for the ship increase every time you need to do a repair, and if one of your ships is destroyed, that’s it, you’ve lost your ship and will have to buy a new one. It is ideal to have 4 ships on a level with you as I found the health of ships went down quite quickly.

A lot of the dialect in the Xenoraid story was rather confusing. I found especially that the first lot of dialect within the game was especially confusing, mainly because you go through the first mission and when you get back it comes up saying something along the lines of ‘the enemy must have been scoping us out’…. I will tell you now, there was nothing scopy about it… It was an all out assault on us and if they think that that was scoping us out, I would love to see there idea of an all out assault….. I reckon it would probably be a friendly warning….


The game worlds are designed nicely, but are still a bit bland and could do with being a bit more vibrant. However, when playing through, each brings its own sort of atmosphere to the game, this accompanied with a fitting soundtrack does improve the game, and makes it bearable to play.

Technically the game is OK, the shooting mechanism could be better as it did seem a little laboured and rigid. The ships movement though was good, and if you were in a tight spot with enemies you were able to quickly move yourself away from danger and re-position yourself with ease.

The game for me was more of time filler than something that I would just sit there and play through for hours, and if I did happen to play it through for hours, it would only to play it once and then probably uninstall it from my Xbox One as I wouldn’t have any further use for it.


Which is probably why it is more suited to playing it in short bursts by only doing a mission or 2 at a time. There is a local co op option in the game which you can play with up to 4 friends (or 3 if you count yourself). Unfortunately, I have no friends so was unable to test this out, but it would probably make a good time killer if you’ve got your friends around and your waiting for the latest and greatest to install.

Unfortunately, I am not sure as to whether or not I would recommend the game or not. I think this is more of a Marmite type game, if you’re into this genre, then you are going to love it, however, if you are unsure or not really played this genre before, then I have a feeling that 90% would probably not enjoy it.


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