My Xbox One/PS4 thoughts plus general rant

I have decided to give my thoughts on Xbox One and PS4. I did an article over a year ago outlining the differences between the 2, and what my thoughts were just after launch.
After nearly 3 years the consoles are different breeds since they were launch. Xbox One has had a dashboard change, and the PS4 has added features such as Share Factory and YouTube broadcasting while keeping the XMB framework and style solid.

I am going to start things with the Xbox One. For me a solid machine, good exclusives but I have to admit that the new dashboard is a no no for me. I’m not a fan of it and I don’t think it will grow on me. I have noticed that my Xbox One loads pages etc a lot slower than it used to.

I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the new dash, but I have noticed going onto the activity wall, the store etc it can take up to 15 seconds for these to load. Which for me when Microsoft said that the dash was going to be faster and a better experience, and to still have these long loading times, it’s really not the best. On the contrast I find the PS4’s UI system very fast, it still has its annoyances such as having to find something at the end of the XMB, which I know you can limit, but it’s still annoying.

Folders would be a nice touch to add in a future update for PS4 so that all games can be placed into a folder as well as other apps etc and tidy it up a bit. That is perhaps my only annoyance, I find it a bit of a mess at the moment with icons everywhere.

There are features on Xbox One that I would love to see implemented on PS4, such as trophy percentage complete. Instead of just rare and common etc I would like to know how far I am in progressing towards it, I know it has been made possible on Xbox One and
it would be a nice feature to implement.

My personal opinion of both consoles has drastically changed over the last few months. I play on both consoles, I maybe play on my PS4 a lot more than my Xbox One at the moment, but that’s because I have more friends on there that I play with.

The direction the Xbox One is going in, doesn’t really excite me, universal apps across Windows 10? Why would I want Facebook or Twitter on my Xbox? I just want games to play. I have a feeling E3 could be interesting to see whether new consoles are announced, if there are any other surprises up MS and Sonys sleeve.

The Xbox community for me has gone very much downhill. I see more and more ‘Xbots’ everyday being completely unreasonable in how they view the gaming world. It’s getting to become a whose dicks bigger contest.

At the end of the day, in terms of how games play and look, I can’t tell a difference, then again I’m playing the games, and not actually really looking at the differences, and when I’m reviewing I comment on the version of the game I’m playing.

If I say a game looks beautiful or it looks terrible, I don’t really expect people comment or message me telling me I’m wrong. I would like to ask, how am I wrong with my own opinion?

Just because yours is different, doesn’t make mine wrong. I love gaming, and the reason I decided to start reviewing games 2 years ago was to share my passion with people. There are people out there who I speak too every week who have a difference of opinion to me, they may think my reviews are rubbish, but I take that on board and respect there opinion, as they do for me.

No matter what you are playing your games on whether it’s console or PC, at the end of the day we are all playing the same games, doing the same missions, and finishing them and their stories exactly the same. So why can’t the gaming community just sit back and enjoy those games without these stupid comments people are flinging around every single day.

If you have read through this and stuck with it, thank you, I am sorry for the rant, but I felt it was something to get off my chest.

Much love!

Joon! X

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