Xbox One Stereo Headset – Review

For a while I have been looking for a new headset, my Kana Tritton Xbox headset has become very uncomfortable to wear, mainly because of the small ear pieces that come with it that don’t cover my ears fully. This has meant that the hard frame of the ear pieces rests against my ears when I am wearing them which after a few minutes you can start to feel them there which becomes really uncomfortable.

After looking around for a new headset within my budget, I noticed the new Stereo Headset from Xbox in White. Which looked good, I mean, really good, it was the first thing that caught my eye.

The overall design of the headset looks amazing, at first you might think that the headset looks enormous, especially when you see the size of the box it comes in, which personally I feel is over packaged and could be better in terms of the amount of packaging used, but that’s just me. In reality though when you put the headset on it doesn’t look too big and is quite proportionate to fit any head.

The headset does come with the adapter to plug into your controller although with the newer controllers and the Xbox One S controllers this isn’t needed as there is a 3.5mm jack which you can plug into and the sound controls are all within the quick menu to mute and balance the sound as you see fit.

My one problem with the headset is that it’s pick up of my speech and the volume it was sending through was inconsistent. There are times when people can hear me perfectly and there are times that I am really quiet and people can’t hear me. It does seem that there are subtle differences depending on how the headset is positioned on your head. Another thing that also doesn’t help with the microphone picking up sound is how short it actually is. Looking at other headsets you will see that on 99.9% of them the microphone will come out to be in front of your mouth, but on the Stereo Headset it only comes out as far as your cheek, which can stifle some of the sound, which is why I think that most of the time people can’t hear me.

I am still testing it out at the moment to try and get the best kind on angle and sitting position with the headset, but it’s hard as every time I use it, I have to try and remember how I had the headset positioned before, which if there are days where I go without gaming (which unfortunately happens with Adult life and having to work) then it can be a pain. I know one of our other writers on here had the black version of these and he had to get the microphone and do a 1 to 10 test to see which number we could hear him the best at and this is the same for this.

I know that feedback had been done from people as lots were having this issue with the black headset, so it’s a little disappointing that this hasn’t been taken on board when the white ones have been made and it seems that the same issues are occurring with these headsets.

This is the only thing that lets the headset down. The design, the feel of it and how the sound comes through is perfect, it’s just annoying that the microphone lets it’s down.

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