WipeOut: Omega Collection – Review

The first time I played a Wipeout game was WipeOut 64 on the N64, back then when my only care in the world was playing Ocarina of Time and Goldeneye, this game brought a new perspective to my life with racing games. It was my first experience of racing games and one that I will never forget, especially since my brother came in with a spare controller and from that day I’ve never been able to beat him, which he always used to gloat at. Don’t worry though, my revenge was sweet when we played FIFA… Cue rage quit! 😀

From what I can remember of WipeOut 64, it had speed, power and for consoles back then, the looks. Now that WipeOut Omega collection has been brought out for the PS4, I dived in to see how the game has been recreated and how it looks now.

The first thing that I will say, and that you will see when you start a race is how beautiful the arenas are, the lighting as it filters around the buildings and through the gaps onto the track ahead is simply amazing. The detail that has gone into the game with the tracks as well as the surrounding areas and the fans on the sidelines, it’s breathtaking and sometimes I found myself pausing the game and going into Photo Mode to take some screenshots of what I was seeing. The use of colours within the game as well is amazing, it is one of the best uses in colour depth I have noticed in a long while.

This use of colour is what brings the races to life, it what makes you ‘Ooooooh’ when you playing and forgetting you’re playing and ultimately crashing into a wall… No? Just me then!

Coupled with the amazing graphics is mechanics that go with the game, the game plays so smoothly and sometimes when you are going fast, and things are whizzing past you some of the time you’re kind of expecting the game to start to stutter a little. Nope, not these games.

What I love as well is that no 2 races are ever the same, I could end up first in one race and then 8th in another, and it could all be down to one rocket shot on the final straight and everyone flies past you as you have lost speed because of it. I’ve had races where I’m 8th, had a boost on the last corner into the straight and finished 2nd.

This was my best one, I was doing a speed lap race, had to do the lap in under 42 seconds to get gold, my time was 41.97 seconds…. Skills!

For me, as I haven’t played a WipeOut game since the N64, it’s given me a kind of nostalgic feel, sending me back 20 years to the 12-year-old me, coming home from school, going to my room and playing this for hours on end before my mum would shout me downstairs for my tea.

When you get these remasters, sometimes that is what it is all about, getting that feeling, that sense of youth again and thinking, this was a damn good time I had! Let’s have more of it! I can honestly say as well that I have been sat in front of my PS4 playing the Omega Collection for hours, mainly because of that sense of youth feeling it gives off.

One thing that I can see from the different games that have been remastered, is that you can see how the games have developed, how they’ve changed and the features that have been added with the different development cycles for each game. Such as 2048, there is no difficulty level setting on this, and I will admit that I struggled, I found it a little off-putting, but I stuck with it and tried. When I moved onto HD there is a difficulty setting and the AI seems to play slightly different as well, and to me, the game was a lot easier and I was more comfortable playing this than I was 2048.

The Menus within the game are clean and easy to navigate, the main menu gives you 5 simple boxes of campaign, racebox, online, options and records. As you can see there are plenty of options available and lots of content.

Campaign – This will allow you to go through the Campaign mode of each of the 3 games available.

Racebox – This allows you to create your own races and set your own rules so you can just go in and have a quick race.

Online – You can race against your friends of go and compete against others. I found this mode to be a little disappointing if I’m honest. Whenever I have gone on to race with others, the lobbies have never been full, or there’s already a race in progress and when the race has finished, most people tend to drop out and no one else joins. The races that I have played have been fun, especially in battle mode. As soon as weapons are placed into the equation, there is a big difference between each race and you have to think a little more, especially when you hear a certain weapon announced from someone near.

Records – Pretty simplistic really, this section shows your records throughout the games, the races you’ve taken part in, how many you’ve won etc. It’s a section for those who like to keep on top of things.

One thing I love about the game is some of the originality that has been kept in from the earlier games, again a bit more nostalgia. The early games on the PS1 wouldn’t have had sticks on the controllers to use to control… well anything and some of that has been brought into this game as the menu can only be navigated using the D-Pad. Love it! So simple, yet so effective.

Wipeout: Omega Collection is such a joy to play, both visually, mechanically and musically. The game has been brought wonderfully into the HD age and I would highly recommend this to anyone.


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