Wii Sports Club

When the orignal Wii was released, it came with Wii Sports. This was to try and get people into the whole Motion Controls thing that Nintendo was bringing. For me i loved the concept and being able to play some sports without being on the field looking like an idiot. Instead i could look like an idiot in my own house!

What does this new version for the Wii U bring? Same gameplay, updated visuals and on the Golf there have been some more courses added. With the Golf you have the choices of playing the original courses as well which is always nice!


One of the new updates included with this version of Wii Sports is the ability to use the GamePad while playing golf. The GamePad is placed on the floor, while your stood over it. On the screen of the GamePad shows your ball in whatever grounding it is in, whether it be grass or sand! Cool huh?!


In tennis there is no difference at all apart from the updated graphics, and the same is to be said for Bowling. However the one thing that is different for all games is that there is now and online mode for each so that you can play anyone around the world.

Although you do have several option available, that you can play your friends, anyone at your ‘Club’ or anyone around the world. At the moment though your better off just selecting anyone as the chance of playing someone from your club is quite slim. Well it was for me and the club i was apart of.

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