[REPOST] What would we like to see from Nintendo Switch’s paid online system.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of the introduction of the paid online system from Nintendo is what are we going to get for the £20 a year? Is it going to be worth it? Why should be pay for something that we are currently getting for free? Are there going to be incentives?

For me there are going to have to tempt people to paying for the service, but what could Nintendo use to try and entice gamers to pay for the service? Remembering that the majority already pay either £40 to £80 a year on Xbox/Playstation subs depending on the other systems that they have.

The first thing that I will mention is Cloud storage. This is something which in my eyes is desperately needed. Being able to store your save game data in the cloud so that it is easily retrievable should something happen to your system would be a god send. I know there are people I have seen who have sent there Switches into Nintendo for repair for whatever reason and they have come back wiped clean. No data left on them, all save games gone, that 100+ hours you’ve put into Zelda has now been wiped along with your other games…. I can hear the knees thumping to the ground in despair from here…. Ouch!

Nintendo have admitted that this is something that they are looking into sorting so that you can back up save games somehow and I think adding the cloud storage to the paid online service would be a massive step for Nintendo. After all, you look at Xbox and Playstation and this is already apart of their subs and it’s work brilliantly. Being able to take your save games with you, it would be a dream come true for Nintendo gamers.

The next thing on my list of a dedicated chat/party system on the device itself. The current set up of connecting spaghetti junction to your phone and Switch isn’t practical in the slightest. What is wrong with simply having an app on the Switch device, plugging a headset in to the jack port and speaking with friends? It shouldn’t really be any harder than that. I know some people will say “what about when the console is docked?” Maybe allow wireless headsets, or Nintendo create some official wireless headsets which plug in via a wireless adapter in the 3.5mm jack port. That will then give people the option who want to dock the console the chance to still party up. No matter which way you do it, you’re not going to please everyone, as there will be people who will say “Why should I have to buy a new headset to use party chat docked?” Well, you don’t, the option will be there for you, and you can always use the phone app still or party up Undocked.

The next thing is technically not something that would be paid for through the description and part of the benefits per se, but the payments would go towards getting, setting up and maintaining dedicated servers for online games. Changing from PvP to dedicated would make services smoother and the experience a lot better. The question would be though, would Nintendo lose out on this financially? If they had enough people subscribing, and to be honest, with the 15 odd million Switches out in the wild at the moment, there is a good chance of a fair return for Nintendo on the online infrastructure, however with everything else that Nintendo may offer, this would probably be the most costly, and I think Nintendo would have to look at things to see whether it was going to be worth it. Even making it a game by game decision if it’s a first party title or letting 3rd parties decide whether they want to implement this. There is a possibility that it could be implemented, but it won’t be from September, 2019 is probably the best we can aim for in regards to any kind of decision for this.

We do know so far that ‘Classic game selection’ will be included, what this entails we don’t know at the moment and I think Nintendo will expand on this, maybe at E3 when a full announcement may be made regarding what’s to come with the online service. I’m hoping that there is going to be a comprehensive back catalogue of games from NES to maybe the N64/Gamecube. That would be awesome and it’s going to be interesting to see what coming in this regard.

Another thing that I hope changes soon and is implemented on is friend invites, I’m hoping for an easier way to be able to invite friends as well as add friends to the console. The friend code thing for me isn’t the best, it seems long winded and would prefer to add people or find people in game through there ID rather than a 12 digit code. Makes it seems so impersonal and characterless. I feel like I’m in prison being called by my prisoner ID. Drone 4873-7969-3668, are you ready to play? (That’s my friend code btw) 😉

One last thing that I figured would be interesting to see is the uptake numbers on the paid subscriptions. Seeing how busy Splatoon 2, ARMS and Mario Kart currently are and what the numbers are like after September 2018 when the service arrives. Could online servers see a lull in playtime with people not up taking the offer, or could it simply stay as they are. Games like Splatoon and Mario Kart, I think are always going to be busy, they’re popular online games for the system and until new iterations are released I think the online is going to keep busy, but as mentioned, it will be interesting to see how the servers hold up when paid online shows up.

It will be interesting to see if games like Call of Duty get placed onto the system, especially with the base growing and growing it will be interesting to see if this year’s version comes to Switch. Surely it can’t be ignored for long? Will Nintendo’s online system be good enough for the game and what they have planned for this year? The same goes for the new Battlefield, only time will tell!

What are your thoughts on Nintendo’s online system and the upcoming paid system for it?