What will E3 Show? Will Microsoft Rise Up With New Games?

With E3 right around the corner, speculation is running high as to what games are going to be on display at this year’s event. There’s going to be ones shown that we know about, there’s also going to be new announcements, one’s that unlike last year will hopefully make it to the floor without being spoilt by leaks.

Last year’s Microsoft event, I knew what was coming (barring Scorpio) before the event had even started due to leaks on twitter, which was very disappointing.

This year, it feels a little different, especially for Microsoft as I have no idea what they’re going to show. Their list of first party studios is diminishing, and we can’t expect a new Gears of War this year as 4 was only released last year. There may be additional content for 4, but I can’t see there being anything major. Could we see a new Halo game? That is a potential, we had Halo Wars 2 out a few months ago, which could be a stop gap to keep us entertained while we wait for Halo 6.
But I have to admit that beyond that, I can’t really see where other first party games are coming from? Could it be possible that we have a new studio doing a Fable game? Possible, but highly doubtful. Veterans on Lionhead could have made a new studio and make it multiplat? I would have thought it a bit daft that Microsoft let the Studio go to then go and sign it back? Wouldn’t make sense. This is why I find it highly doubtful that we will see a new Fable, but can you imagine a new Fable that is multiplat? Oh my!!

I think this might be a difficult E3 for Xbox, sure they have the Scorpio to show off, but they need games for it. There will be a Forza game announced, that’s a certain and I’m sure it will be used to show the beauty that comes with Scorpio, but again…. MORE GAMES!!

Where are these first/second party exclusives coming from? I really can’t see it, unless there are a whole load of brand new IPs that are going to be announced, I’m struggling to see where the content is coming from.

I guess we can find out at E3! Even if Microsoft does come at us with a load of games and content, they need to do a better job at spacing them out throughout the year to keep content consistent and running.

Since Halo Wars 2, I’m pretty sure there hasn’t been any more content released first party wise… Which is really poor. Backwards compatible titles are coming out thick and fast, which is all well and good, however I don’t really want to play older titles, I want new content, new experiences and I want to see the boundaries of gaming pushed to its limit.

If you compare this with the start of the year that PS4 has had with Horizon Zero Dawn, Nier: Automata, MLB The Show 17, Nioh and Yakuza 0. The PS4 has had a lot of exclusives that have come out at the start of the year, but they have all been spaced out well. I know not much has come out lately, however PS4 players have games to look forward to which were announced last year. Games like Unchartered Legacy, God of War, Days Gone, Spiderman, Detroit, Gran Turismo Sport, there all still to come on PS4 and no doubt we will get to see more of them at E3 this year and hopefully we will also get to see a release date or window for most of them.

I do remember last year, people making meme’s saying that there were no dates for PS4 games, well, I don’t want this to sound fan boyish, but where are the Xbox games with no dates? I can guess at Forza and that it will probably coming in September or Early October, but even then nothing has been announced and made official and probably won’t until next month when E3 kicks in.

The future does look a lot brighter for PS4, mainly because it has games planned for it, I know the Xbox has Scorpio coming, and hopefully at E3 there will be loads of games announced and the excitement for Xbox content can grow again, and don’t get me wrong, I’ve been an Xbox fan for years but lately the lack of content and constant new controllers and talk of a new machine, which in my eyes isn’t needed yet, has got me disillusioned with the brand. From speaking to people online, I am not the only one, there are people who are changing over to PS4 from Xbox who were hardcore Xbox fans, and there is a lot of disillusioned gamers out there that there are no first party games coming out at the moment. I know that this could change at E3 next month, but as I’ve said above, I honestly can’t see where this is coming from. Studios are being buried by Microsoft, and unless Remedy, 343 or The Coalition, Rare, Mojang pull something out I can’t see where the content is coming from.

There is the ID@Xbox program, but there is a lot of content that comes through that isn’t diverse enough and all you get it 16/32 bit side scrolling platformers and there is only so much that you can do with those before they become boring and repetitive.

There are a lot of IPs that Microsoft own which I don’t understand why they haven’t done anything with. You think of Crimson Skies, Midtown Madness, Viva Pinata… Do they not have the studios to work on these? Hell, even a decent sequel to Perfect Dark! Can you imagine how all these franchises could be built on for the Xbox One?

My views will no doubt be unpopular with a lot of people, but I feel I am speaking the truth with this, I look down both roads and it is definitely the PS4 route which is looking more appetising with plenty of choices ahead.

I am hoping that Xbox Head Phil Spencer has picked up on this and is trying to get more games available to Xbox. This isn’t along the lines of multiplat third party titles, but first and second party games, exclusives to the system, this is what is needed and what will make the Xbox stand out.

I would love to hear other peoples thoughts on this and what they think of Xbox’s future in the current climate? Have you switched or bought a PS4 lately because of how Xbox has been over the first 5 months of the year? I will admit that I am playing on my PS4 a lot more and haven’t touched my Xbox One S for months, however it is still there for when things pick up, which I know they will, but it’s just a question of when.

Fingers crossed E3 will have a lot more answers for us and it isn’t completely dominated by Scorpio.

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