Violett – Nintendo Switch Review

Violett is a story about…. you guessed it, Violett. A girl whose family moves into a new home, with her parents arguing she heads up to her room and while she’s sat on her bed notices something glowing in the hole in the wall, when removing she notices it’s an amulet of sorts that suddenly sends her to an unknown world…. Down the rabbit hole, Alice? No? Just me that thought of that reference?

Anyway, Violett notices that the Amulet thing shes found is incomplete… Enter the mission for the game. You have to complete it, this is the only way that Violett is able to get home.

The game is a point and click adventure game and I usually find these quite laborious and frustrating as I usually find myself just trying to click on everything I can or throw everything in my inventory around until it does something. There is still a lot of this in Violett, however, thanks to the little help guide that you can call upon you can get little handy graphical hints and tips in no time to help you move onto the next part. The best thing about these is that they’re totally free and you don’t have to collect or pay anything to get them, just there for whenever you need them.

The designs of each level as well is good as the game does a good job visually of what is going on as well as other things, such as when the cursor turns to a hand to indicate that something can be interacted with, it’s very clear for you, just whether it’s helpful to move onto the next part is another matter. However, it is always good to remember the different items as they could come in handy later on in the level.

The detail that has also gone into each level is simply brilliant as well, the colours and layout, the weird and wonderful things that have been included in the game as well such a giant caterpillar adorning a man’s face who happens to be fencing with spiders… Yup. You read that correctly. I like the colours and design of each of the levels, it kind of gives me a Tim Burton sort of feel to it, which I will admit I love the artwork from his films such as Nightmare Before Christmas, The Corpse Bride etc.

The game does offer 2 controls schemes with it, one is using the touchscreen and the other is the left joystick to move around etc. However, I will say that none of them felt ‘comfortable’ to use. The touchscreen setting was quite sluggish in that the responsiveness that it gave wasn’t the best and when using the joystick, it felt like I was dragging my feet at times and not very fluid, which for a game you’re constantly moving around the screen with a cursor, it should have been a lot more fluid in its approach.

The game is your classic Point and Click adventure game, however for me there was far too much clicking, mainly because I didn’t want to constantly use the hints, I wanted to be able to try and do things myself, but I found myself getting far too frustrated at times and having to use them. Even then though sometimes I would look at the hints and just be like, huh?

If you’re into your Point and Click adventure games I would recommend this as your going to enjoy it, if you’re not really a fan then I would stay away as the frustration would be all too much.