Vesta – Review


Vesta is a witty 6-year-old girl who lives in a desolate underground maze – the ruins of a once-bright city inhabited by humans and perfect machines. Although this world can be lonely, she is kept company by her friend BOT. It advises her and encourages her to do the tasks she is assigned, although it knows much more than it lets on. In order to survive in this passive yet hostile environment, BOT will give Vesta a real helper – DROID. He may be a bit rough around the edges, but he’ll handle physical tasks that would be impossible for a fully grown adult, let alone a little girl. Besides, he is the perfect weapon to defend against the dangers lurking in the remains of this abandoned complex. Join Vesta as she explores various environments over 36 levels full of obstacles and enemy robots. She’ll need her brains and DROID’s power to traverse this varied landscape, properly manage the little energy left in the complex, solve the numerous puzzles she finds in her path, and even fight to survive. But most of all she will need to discover the truth of this story.


Vesta is a top down viewed adventure puzzle game from FinalBoss Games which involves working your way through the various levels by solving problems that bar your way. These problems mainly consist of stealing power from various sources and replacing it in others to open doors or pathways. To do this Vesta is equipped with an energy pack that can hold 3 ‘charges’. The charges are obtained from either existing power points or from droids that are knocked out. The droids getting knocked out isn’t something that Vesta can do by herself, so she is joined on her journey by Bot who offers advice about what you can and can’t do and  a friendly droid who has a weapon and can lift heavy objects out of Vestas way. You switch between Vesta and Droid with the press of a button and each level must be completed by getting both characters to the finishing point.

The problems that you face include moving platforms, conveyor belts, locked doors and lifts, each of these need energy that Vesta must transfer between them in order to progress. The levels start off fairly easily but the further you get, the more complex the puzzles become. I really enjoyed working out how best to get to the end and so far I haven’t come across any problems that have me tearing my hair out. Checkpoints can be unforgiving and I’ve seen some reviews that mention lost progress and having to redo levels that have already been done but I haven’t had that happen to me (yet).

I have found though that sometimes the view when you’re controlling Droid is a bit random and I have spent time aiming and shooting at something only to discover that the line of fire is blocked by something off screen that you can’t see until you switch views back to Vesta. It’s not that annoying though and didn’t break up the flow of the game. The top down view is perfect for seeing alot of the level at once and also aids in spotting what you have to do to get your heroes to the end of the level. The colours within the game are very vibrant and although the surroundings are a bit samey they look very good and the gameplay and movement is smooth as silk. The story is told between levels in an animated comic book style that fits really well and looks very polished.

The boss levels again involve use of both characters and consist of you using Droid to knock out the boss and Vesta to scooch in and steal the energy charge. I found that it’s vital to have both Vesta and Droid in close proximity as the boss is only knocked out for a few seconds, so if Vesta is too far away when the boss goes down then there won’t be enough time to get to them and drain the energy. I have enjoyed my time with Vesta so far and found it to be a fun challenging game.

As yet I haven’t completed the game but there is enough of a draw to suck me back in and plough through it and I have pleasure in giving a score of 7/10

Vesta is available now at a bargain price of £7.99 on the Xbox games store.

Code for review was provided by the developers and as always we thank them for it.