Venom Charge and Store for Nintendo Switch – Review

Venom has launched a new device for the Nintendo Switch and this one is designed to hold 6 Games, a Pro Controller, a set of Joy Cons and a Pokeball Plus accessory.

Now, first thing you would think of when it comes to all of that Jazz in one charging station is the size of the product, surely it must be massive? Nope, it really isn’t, it’s not overly small and it isn’t massive either. You have the Pro Controller which sits on the front, a Joy Con attaches on each side, the Pokeball Plus sits on top and the 6 games sit on the back of the dock lined up next to each other.

The first thing that I want to mention is the Pro Controller part because on first glance I did wonder how this was going to work and did confuse me a bit. But once I realised that there was a small adapter which clipped into the charging port on the controller, it made sense. When the clip is in the top of the controller, the Pro Controller then just sits on the front, really nice as well, easily accessible and easy to just put back into the stand without any fuss when finishing playing. There are no clips holding it in place, the clip in the top and the reclined position of the dock at the front mean the controller will just sit nicely. Also, when the controller is docked there is a nice light at the front which will be either red or green to let you know whether it is charging or fully charged up. I have to admit that this is a simple design that I really like, you don’t notice the clip in the top as it is quite discreet and it’s easy to use with no struggle.

The Joy cons are just as simple to use to get charged up as well. Just as you would connect them to your Switch, slide them down the railing on either side of the device and badabing badaboo

And if you have a Pokeball Plus (I don’t unfortunately, not yet anyway so wasn’t able to test it out properly), it’s going to be just as simple, as all it is on the top is a little USB-C point that sticks up and all you do is place it on there. Happy days!

The whole thing as well connects to and is powered by the USB slot on the side of the Switch dock, so when setting up it’s a simple plug into the USB slot, add the attachment to the Pro Controller and away you go! Simples!

My only beef with the device was the game holders at the back, I found them a very tight fit which my game boxes didn’t sort of sit the same next to each other so didn’t line up as they should. Didn’t really bother me though, it would have just been nice to have them lined up evenly.

I have to admit that I really cannot fault this, it’s made it so much easier to get my pro controller charged without wondering where the wire is when it needs charging, same with my Joy Cons, I know I don’t have to have them connected to the body of the Switch when docked to charge, I can slip them in to this easily and know they will be ready for me the next time I need them and with me having a second pair of Joy Cons it is good that I can charge the spares while using the others, and if the others run out of juice, it’s a simple change around.

I would highly recommend this if you’re looking for a nice little station to charge your devices and accessories.

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