Two Point Campus – Review

Two Point Campus is the successor to Two Point Hospital so I will start this review by saying that if anyone has played Two Point Hospital, you’ll have a good idea of what you’re in for. The sim management genre is one of my favourites and I loved TPH so when Campus was announced, it piqued my interest straight away, and couldn’t wait for it to come out.

The game starts as you would expect, the first couple of campuses are more like tutorials to help you get used to the game and as well as all the features that are available.

Developer: Two Point Studios

Publisher: Sega

Release: 09 September 2022

One of the things that I loved about the TPH was the comedic value that came with and with Two Point Campus that is still there, from the announcements over the tannoy to the quirky courses you can have. Speaking of quirky, as you move from Campus to Campus, there are all different types of Campuses available, and these range from Spy school to thinking that you could be at Hogwarts with a Wizards school.

I mentioned above that anyone who has played TPH would be familiar with what to expect, and in terms of the main gameplay, it’s more of the same here, hiring staff to look after the different rooms available from the lecturers, janitors, and assistants to help with the Library as well as food and drink stalls. When hiring your staff you have to take into account the factors that are shown on the recruitment card, these can show as things such as poor personal hygiene, which students aren’t going to like, to they get thirsty really easily or they have a steel bladder so don’t run to the toilet as often. However, I will say that it can be quite funny to hire one or two with these characteristics because it can cause carnage when you’re wondering why there’s no lecturer in the room and you notice they’ve had to run off to the toilet.

There are a total of 17 courses available in Two Point Campus and what is good about this is that the game allows you to control the game at your own pace. You’re able to pick which courses you want each year. There are, however, courses which are required to be done each year, and you may need to increase the level on it, as well as the rooms available, but there is a lot of flexibility.

One of the things that I can spend hours with is designing the rooms, adding items, and just making them look amazing, and there are so many items that you can add and also unlock with Kudosh, which you earn through the game by doing assignments and other things.

But this is one of the main things in the game, even though there is course management, making sure that the students have a thriving environment is another. Giving them a nice dormitory, good learning facilities as well as things to do to wind down, in which you have items such as arcade machines, punching bags etc. This will all help with the marks the students get and how many pass/fail which goes towards the end of the year scores.

The visuals are the same as TPH and give that Wallace and Gromit style which given the comedic value within the game goes excellently. There is a lot more detail within the game, however, which just adds to the crispness of the gameplay and how some of the levels especially the wizardry one, I loved the detail of how the campus looked.

Speaking of gameplay, I have to admit that I haven’t had any issues with terms of gameplay, it’s been smooth on my Series X and I’ve loved every minute of the experience and how that has been built upon from the previous entry.

There’s plenty of substance in the game, you have the career mode as well as a sandbox mode, the disappointing bit I found was that the Sandbox was locked from the start, so you did have to play through some of the career mode before this became unlocked and you could go wild. There is a lot of replayability in the game, and it’s enjoyable to go back to different campuses to try out different ways of doing things.

My assessment, would I recommend this? A big hell yeah! It plays well, there’s been a lot built upon from TPH to improve the overall experience and I love it.

A big thank you to the lovely folks at Sega and Two Point Studios for providing me with a copy of the game to review.

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