Tower of Guns Review

How to start this review…. I was a bit unaware of what kind of game I was getting myself into when I started playing Tower of Guns… The first thing that I noticed with it was the graphics, they struck me with a Borderlands kind of vibe mixed in with that Cartoon/Comic style of Telltale. I found this a wonderful difference to the norm that you get with Shooters nowadays.towerguns_1074154

I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the game but when I started it found that it was fast paced and frantic with enemies and bullets flying at you from all angles… It started out as a bit of a rush, the game has that feel of a nineties shooter, really old school and a different kind of game…. Well…. That rush lasted about 20 minutes as it became apparent that as you played on it was more of the same over and over… I even had the same End Boss twice in 3 levels….

Don’t get me wrong, its a good game but I’m not sure it worth the money, I found its repeat factor to be really low and cant see me going back to play it again any time soon…

I found the game to be quite grueling at times as the difficulty level would spike dramatically. You could go through part of a level fighting a couple of things, to suddenly have the worlds armies join together to massacre you…. Which if i’m honest…. Scared me… Just a little. Then on the flip side of things I found the end bosses to be far too easy and defeated them with relevant ease. There does seem to be a lot of Jekyl and Hyde in this game and I think that is going to be off putting to a lot of potential buyers when they read reviews like this.

One of the things that I did like about the game was that when you died and did the level again, it changed completely so the challenge was always something new and fresh. However what did annoy me about thitower-of-guns-4-1024x576s was that you had to do the WHOLE level again… From the start… There is no checkpoints… So if like what happened to me on several occasions when I got to the Bosses door and someone popped me and killed me while going through… I didn’t restart from a checkpoint… No…. I had to re do the whole ******* thing! Something that as you can probably guess didn’t go down too well with Joon….

Like I said above the game draw to a close rather quickly and that is due to the lack of content, and very repetitive enemies that crop up. I can understand the same showing up in different styles, formations etc, but i find it unforgivable to fight the same end boss TWICE…. That shows no imagination on the developers part.

My verdict for the game is that yes, the levels are simple and nicely designed, there quite straight forward to run through, however it is best served in small doses…. Its not something i feel i personally could sit there for hours and play… If i did that I would do the full run through and never play the game again. Its better to play a level or two over 10-20 minutes while your waiting for you dinner to cook or for your Girlfriend/Wife to get ready before going out…

Overall Joon is going to give this 6.5 – Close but no Cigar…. Good effort, falls fast….


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