Titanfall: Frontiers Edge DLC Review

Frontiers Edge sees the second set of the three DLC packs release for Titanfall. With it, it bring maps called Dig Site, Export, and Haven, all of which are big maps! Especially Dig Site which is an enormous map!

Haven’s setting is a beautiful beach resort, vibrant in colours, it seems the ideal setting to pack your bags and go for a nice break… That is until the Titans and Pilots come along. Its a fairly big map with the outer section that surrounds the entire map being available for Titans for roam with a few sections in the middle of the town they can get to. Where as the many buildings and levels will keep Pilots entertained. The map offers both Snipers and CQC (Close Quarters Combat) plenty of room to play with, so whether you’re in it for the “long” (being referenced to Snipers) game or whether you like the run and gun battles, this map will have plenty for every game type!


Dig site is by far the biggest map of the 3. Based in a mining complex there’s no end of room for Titans to roam about, whether it be at the far end section of the map, or the narrow gullys within the centre of the map, there’s plenty of room for battle. This map is a huge benefit for Snipers as there are at points, massive gaps between areas and buildings, and there’s plenty of rooftop space for a Sniper to set up camp and pick people off. There is an achievement for this map, to get 12 pilot kills in a match. Not impossible, but i think due to the sheer size of the map, and how up and down it is, this could be a tricky one to get.


Export is my favourite map of the 3. Within the map you can go from Roof to Roof across the vast amount of buildings. There is also a ‘Trap’ on this map, where once activated, if an enemy is to get in its way will end up killing them, and if you haven’t done it yet, then it will activate an Achievement at the end of the match.


I have to admit that i love the style of the maps, they seem well laid out, and complement the game modes available. Specially Export on Capture the Flag, as there is a zip line that can take you over half the way home. Only problem with it, is that its right across the middle of the map, so you’re pretty much in view of everyone!

This again is another strong map pack that has been brought out. I love these maps, they work well and compliment the other maps in the game! I would highly recommend these maps to any one!

  • LizardKingLXXXI

    Love the video clip & the trap kill straight from the off, how many times did you try for that 🙂 I fully agree with what you put above & after many, many hours playing these maps I have to say that Haven is my favourite. You can tell that the maps were each designed with certain game modes in mind. As always playing the same maps can get a bit samey but we now have a nice collection of map modes to flick between. A good set of Achievements built into this DLC as well, especially the trap on Export as you can always get some easy pilot kills in there. Looking forward to the last installment

    • Joon

      Not sure how many times, but that one was the start of the match 😀 So Lucky!! Seems to be the best time to get that achievement as people will be going over there first to flank!

  • Steve Burman

    Good maps which re-iterate my thinking that this game is best played with 5 like minded friends in party chat. The new achievements are a welcome addition and give players something to fight for (that is when the achievements actually unlock). These maps will keep me going until the final map pack is released . Then it’s the wait until Titanfall 2 is announced.

  • MaStErRoShI187

    Tbh I don’t even take any notice of the maps on Titanfall not like cod where it makes a difference having to memorise the ways around Titanfall is to engrossing

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