Time Recoil – Switch Review

Time Recoil is a twin-stick top-down shooter, the story consists of you having to go back through time

to save different people and change the course of history, and as always there is a bad guy at the centre of it all, this time he is called ‘Mr Time’…. Has a ring to it right?… Time travel…. Mr Time…. I’ll stop…

As mentioned above, you go through time, to stop Time. Each mission has you either collecting intel, securing scientists, or assassinating someone to try and change the course of history. As with most games, TV shows, etc you don’t just go back in time and kill said person taking a dump or in the shower. Nope, you go after there organisation and take the long way around things, but then I guess it wouldn’t be a game if we did that?

From the start, the game has you gripped and puts you straight into the action. I found very quickly with this game that you had to be quick with your shots as well as finding cover, which in some levels where there are explosives all over the place that can be rather difficult, however with each kill you get time slowing down, which can be a great help when there are multiple enemies about. As you go through the game, you open up special attacks such as dashes which can help you break through walls and enemies.

The controls for the game are simple enough, RZ shoots, the sticks move you about and LZ does your special dash move. The game does feel buttery smooth, however when there are lots of explosions going on the game does tend to stutter, however, I am actually undecided as to whether that’s because there are enemies being killed by the explosions, or it’s a drop in frame rate. The jury is out on that one, I would like to think it’s time slowing down because the explosion is killing them.

I love the music from this game as well, because it’s set in the 80’s it brings in that nostalgia of those 80’s action films Die Hard, Raiders of the Lost Ark etc. Loved those films, and Time Recoil does give that nostalgic sense at times.

There are several options available within the game, you can go in and do the story mode, which as it says on the tin, takes you through the main story, there is then the Time Attack mode which is re going through the levels and trying to do them as fast as you can. However, you can only do the Time Attack levels once you have completed them through the story mode, so it probably is best to go through the story first and then go back and do the Time Attack mode. Time Recoil is a bit limited in what you can do after the main story, but if you’re one for pushing yourself and trying to better your score, then the Time Attack mode is going to be good for you and there are plenty of levels in it to keep trying.

You have several difficulty options within the game: Standard for those who want to play casually, hardcore for those who like a challenge and then murderous for those with a death wish. Murderous does become available after playing through the game.

Overall I thought it was a very good game, graphically it does look a bit wooden, however for what the game is this is this can be forgiven. Time recoil is a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one I would highly recommend to anyone. Good work 10tons.