Thymesia – Review

Now, I’m not really a fan of the soulsbourne style games, I don’t really enjoy games that are basically there to punish you as a player. Elden Ring softened me to the genre, but only because of how it was set, so when I heard about Thymesia, I thought I would give it a go and see how it and also I faired.

The game takes you through the Kingdom of Hermes which has kind of gone downhill, there are plague-ridden streets with any number of mutants out there ready and wanting to kill you. So, Corvus (your character), it’s over to you my friend to take on this mutated and disturbing world and hopefully make everything right again.

Developer: Overborder Studio
Publisher: Team 17
Release: 18 August 2022
Reviewed On: PS5

The first thing that I noticed was the art style, and I was liking what I was seeing, the brooding world, and the detail within them was brilliant and this continued the further I went into the game. I really enjoyed the combat as well in Thymesia, Corvus has a couple of basic attacks to use, one of which is a quicker saber attack, whereas the other is a slower heavier claw attack. One thing to note here is that enemies have 2 fold health bars, you whittle away at the white section to reveal the green, this is done with the faster saber attack, however, any green areas left on the bar will regenerate, this is where the heavier claw attack comes into play. This will then permanently reduce the health and not allow any regeneration. The combat does provide for excellent combination play and couple that with the dodging and deflecting mechanisms, you should be good to go.

One good thing I liked about the combat in Thymesia is that there was no stamina to worry about so you could go hell for leather and not worry about Corvus getting tired, in fact, the game kind of encourages you to stay on the front foot and attack foes, it likes the action and wants to see how you handle everything as things pick up the further you get into the game.

There’s a total of 21 plague weapons to collect, from Hammers, Swords, axes, and scythes, each of which give you a little something else when powering through worlds and also help when it comes to collecting memory shards to upgrade your stats. You will eventually unlock plague weapons permanently further on in the game, which will allow you set them to a second slot and not just have one use out of them, which I found out when I went to use my first one and completely missed everyone in front of me. You live and learn I guess…

If you have played Souls-like games in the past, you will know what is going on here, you will have a general idea of what the game is about, hack, slash, dodge, and kill. Remember, if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a… mutant? (Dodgeball anyone?)

Beacons are dotted around the world which acts as places to rest, recuperate and hone your skills, however, in true Souls-like fashion the enemies will also regenerate as well, so good luck getting back through the mess you’ve just cleared if you have to nip back to the last one you past to upgrade your stats quickly.

Speaking of stats, you can invest in either Strength, Vitality, and Plague attributes, which with every level gets you a talent point for the skills tree. Here you can unlock various things which will help with your playstyle, and this was one thing that I found very good, the fact that I could tailor this to me and how I played the game.

One thing I will say when you start Thymesia, is to go in with an open mind and remember that with an indie game, take the budget into account. Yes, it’s a very nice-looking game and plays well, but there are only 3 main areas to play through and a final boss area as well as a small hub. Once you beat the boss, you’re then offered what I would call side quests, this allows you to replay through the areas again, these will be slightly different from the first time, but the change isn’t that big and things do start to get a bit repetitive. There is a little bit of a balance issue as well, as when it came to the first boss, it took me quite a while to get past them, and there was a lot of going over the same areas to try and get powerful enough to beat him. Once I did beat him though, things seemed to be a breeze and it was like I was this all-mighty Joon, so there is a balance issue going on with the game.

One thing I have failed to mention to this point, as I wanted to bring it up in the balance aspect of the game, was there is a fighting mechanic which is feather darts. Now, these are introduced to you at the start of the game, and they’re meant to be there to help stagger opponents charged attacks, but I have to be honest, I didn’t really feel like they did anything for me, the damage inflicting was minimal and pointless and they didn’t really seem to do much in terms of staggering my enemies, so that feature kind of went unused for the most part.

Also, in terms of lore/storytelling, there isn’t much here as well, the game is more born out of slashing your way through the levels and killing things than truly wanting to build on the story.

Would I recommend Thymesia? If you’re into your Souls-like games, I would say give it a try, it’s not a bad game, there does need to be balance adjustments made, but the gameplay and majority of the combat functions are good.

I would lastly like to thank the lovely folks over at Team17 for sending me a PS5 code to review Thymesia.

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