Thief Review

When I first started seeing screenshots for this game I got very excited…. The gamepla and screens looked amazing! This is the type of era that I love as well. I love the old town looks for Victorian England. The dark dank streets where all type of skullduggery and dodgy backhanders are going on.

The game is open world, and you’re free to go round the world as you please doing either the main mission or side missions or just generally looting houses as you go. However there is an Achievement for completing the game in more than 15 hours, so you can do a few of the chapters (There are only 6) then just go round doing the side missions for Basso etc and then go back to the main story and this should take you more than 15 hours!

There are some rather tricky missions, although it depends on how you’re playing the game, whether you’re going to be doing full stealth or you’re taking on ‘The Watch’ as an opportunist. Either way it can be tricky because the guards can be quite hard to defeat, specially when they back you into a corner, and you can’t dodge their attack.

The graphics are very nice and I love the blue scale that it has! To me this is a very unique game and I love its style of sneaking about as well as lock picking cupboards, draws, and cracking safes. The first person view and style the game has is very good. Although one criticism of the game I do have are the controls. I find the controls quite confusing and annoying at times. Buttons you think should do something and do that function in another game, don’t do it in this. So it can take a while for me to get into the groove and know which buttons I’m pressing. Specially for crouching, fighting etc.

I think this game is geared more towards those who like the stealth genre. I hadn’t properly tried a stealth game before so this was a refreshing change for me. Another plus for me as well as I have stated above is the era it’s set in. I would love to see more games set in Victorian England, not necessarily a stealth game, but maybe a Murder Mystery, Thriller etc! Would be awesome!

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  • LizardKingLXXXI

    I was really looking forward to this game before it came out but after reading some reviews I decided to remove my pre order. Several weeks after its release date & after hearing more personal reviews from friends I decided to buy this & I am so glad that I did. Such an atmospheric game & really suits this type of genre & to quote Joon lots of “Skullduggery” !! I have 100% completed this game & I must say it has been the most difficult 100% for me on the XboxOne so far as it has some very difficult achievements which some might find frustrating. Only thing that annoyed me with this game is the map, moving between area’s is not very intuitive & does take time to find the correct window / alley to go through.

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