The Walking Dead – Season One

I love The Walking Dead universe, from the comics, to the TV shows and now the games.

TellTales take on the Walking Dead is the story of another group of survivors. You take on the role of Lee, who at the start of the game your cuffed in the back of a police car and on your way to jail.

It takes a while before you finally know what Lee did and why he was on his way to Prison. There are hints throughout and other people you meet start to realise who you are and know of your trial and think that you’re guilty. As you break loose from the car you are in and manage to get the handcuffs off, you end up finding Clementine, a little girl who is hiding in her tree house waiting for her parents to get back home from Savannah.

As you first check out the house, there are voice mail messages from her parents that suggests that they are dead. So when Lee meets Clem, his first instance is to take her with him and look after her, and all through the game your decisions not only affect you, but there are a lot that affect your relationship with Clem.


During my play through I took the more fatherly approach and kept her safe, told her what I needed too, even if sometimes that may have sounded harsh, but I did what needed to be done for the good of Lee and Clem (As well as the group).

This is where TellTales amazing story telling comes into it. Allowing you the chance to tell the truth or hide it from the group. This is why I love TellTales games, it gives you the option to play the game how you want, and allows you to shape the game in your own way so that no games are the same.

There are fixed points which can’t be changed (such feels), but that is standard for everyone, although it would be cool if you could changed any part of the game through your actions so you got a different outcome (Such as Quantic Dreams ‘Heavy Rain’)


There are 5 episodes in total to this, and there are some pretty shocking twists and turns, and non more shocking than the ending. There was such feels for the ending, I literally had a lump in my throat and my eyes were watering! I won’t say too much in case there are people who haven’t played it yet and want to.

It was just the ending though, the whole story is an emotional roller-coaster with ups and down and lives being lost of characters that you are just warming too. There are also a few ‘WTF – I wasn’t expecting that’ moments!


The graphics for the game are the usual comic book style look that TellTale goes with for there games, you can see it in action in all there games, and I think it suits The Walking Dead brilliantly, especially as The Walking Dead started out as a comic book series.

It was also nice to see in the game, if only for a brief moment, a cross over with the TV/Comic series with the appearance of Glen, even if it was just for one episode. I found that a nice nod to the series that we can read and watch on TV.

For me, this game is fantastic, the story telling is amazing, and the fact that it can draw you in then rip your heart to shreds is fantastic and I commend TellTale for this game! Absolutely amazing 5 part story!


If I had played this game when it was released episode for episode, I don’t think I would have been able to contain myself as this just left me wanting more and more, and I have to say that with every TellTale game I’ve played, its always been the same, and I can’t wait to see what they do with the Minecraft story game as well as the original stuff there going to produce. The original stuff has me excited as I know what there capable of, and letting them loose with there own stuff, I can’t wait to see what they produce!

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a solid story based game that will have you at the edge of your seat with the decisions that you make, then look no further than not just this game, but anything TellTale have produced!

Solid 8.8 from Joon!

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