The things I would change in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There’s no doubt that a game I’ve put nearly 600 hours into is one of my favourites and Animal Crossing is one of the reasons why I bought a Switch. After playing it for the length of time I have there are some little things within the game that I would love to have changed up to make the experience that little bit better.

This is one of those things where sometimes being able to go into Nooks Cranny or Able Sisters and buying 5 just isn’t enough, I need more than 5 of something, such as flowers or the island’s fruit. It would make it easier if I could just change the number to the amount that I need, or have an option like there is in some menus on the to be able to buy the maximum available. I don’t understand why this has to be restricted to 5 items and having to keep going on and on?

So here’s the situation, which I will admit that has happened on many occasions, I have 12 Manila Clams in my hand and I want to craft some fish bait, currently, I have to go through this and craft one by one…. ONE BY ONE! Why is there not an option where I can say, craft the maximum I can….voila, 12 fish bait crafted. I don’t understand the restrictions on only being able to craft one item at a time.

This is another thing I don’t understand, when you’re crafting within your house, you should have access to your home storage to save you going into the crafting menu, realising that you’ve not got enough materials and then have to go back out, go into your home inventory, find what you need, add to pockets, back out of the menu, go into the crafting inventory to create what you wanted to. Why can’t they be linked? It would make life a whole lot easier.

As it says on the tin, we should be able to have a gauge on our tools to see how close they are to breaking and then plan accordingly. There is nothing worse than going on a Nook Island Tour and having your tools break before you managed to accomplish what you went there for…. It’s rather infuriating.

Gauges on the tools would be helpful

This was something that I thought of recently when going about my daily tasks and what have you. Why can’t we have things like decorative storage boxes to put around the island, to hold things like tools, fish bait, flower packets or flowers that have been dug up? You can open a freezer, fridge, throwback rocket and it asks you if you want to change? Por que? Why can those things be used so I can keep one by the pier to keep fishing rods and fish bait in? Or one up by my garden with spare shovel and axes in? It would be a really nice idea and makes use of the decorative items.

Or another thing I thought of was the link them to your home storage, and then you would have access to your home storage anywhere on the island meaning if you were on the opposite side doing something, instead of running alllllll the way back, you could find the nearest storage box/cache and get what you need without wasting time.

If you missed the Able Sisters throughout the day, maybe you didn’t have enough bells on you to buy what you want, so you been fishing and catching bugs, lost track of time and now you can’t buy that top you want from Able Sisters. There’s a selling box outside of Nooks Cranny so that when they’re closed you can still sell them stuff and have the bells in your account the next day. Why doesn’t the Able Sisters have a catalogue outside when they’re closed so that if you miss them you can still do a mail order and have the items delivered to you the next day in the post.

Another thing I would like to see is the ability to purchase multiple items instead of again having to do everything one by one. This applies to the kiosk as well, if there is a design I like and such as paths etc it comes over multiple squares, I would love to be able to select the set then save it, the game can save them in the next free spaces or tell me I don’t have room and need to select x amount from my designs to get rid of to accommodate the new designs I’ve selected.

This was one that I would really like to see happen, especially for all the duplicate items and recipes that you get. Being able to sell those online to others, so other people can benefit from it. This could be moderated by Nintendo and have base prices for everything that goes on there so people don’t sell items for stupid amounts of bells.

This would be an excellent way of being able to find the perfect items for your island. Example, you’re building a tiki bar on the beach and need the fruit infuser to make it that bit more special, but for love nor money you can’t seem to get your hands on it… Now Bob… Not his real name, just a name I made up… has just got a duplicate and only needs the one. He lists it on the marketplace and Joon sees this item and throws his bells at it and now Joon has perfected (in his eyes) his Tiki bar.

See what I mean, helpful. I know its doable, but I also know Nintendo live in the Stone Age and would never agree to put something so helpful in their game. Dream a dream Joon.

Very simply put, I would love to be able to buy Nook Miles Tickets at the airport. Mainly because I’ve found that there are times when I have come back from a Nook Tour and want to go straight back out again as I have plenty of room in my hand to get more resources. Now instead of asking Orville for a new ticket, I’ve got to run all the way to Resident Services, go through all the hoohaa of getting through the menu and printing off a ticket before returning to the airport to go on my merry way.


If you have multiple Nook Mile Tickets in your hand, when you’ve finished on the island that you’re on, why can’t you ask Wilbur to take you to another Nook Mile Island? Would make the process much easier instead of having to go back, go through all the spiel again with Orville to have to repeat that all again.

When you go into your home storage, why do you have to pick everything in that pile out of your hand, why can’t you just select the one you need and take the amount you need. So I need 5 branches to craft a flimsy fishing rod… I have 20 in storage, why can’t I just select the 5 I need and leave the other 15 there? Instead I’ve go to take out the 20 craft what I need and then put them back.

It would be nice if Isabelle advised you of who is on the island that day. Something along the lines of:

“We’ve got Leif in the plaza todays selling plants ad shrubs, be sure to pop over and see him’.


“It looks like someone’s washed up on the beach, better go and check they’re OK”

Extra lines of text linked to certain characters, I’m sure it wouldn’t be that hard to do? It also helps me cause sometimes I’m running around my island wondering who I have and think there is no one, only to find out its Redd at the back of the Island which at the moment I don’t check on very often.

Now, this one puzzles me. In Nooks Cranny you can buy DIY recipes, it for basic items such as flimsy stuff, dream recipes etc. Now, my beef here is that once you have these recipes they should no longer be in the shop, as long as I’ve added them to my NookPhone they’re there forever. my idea was that once you have these, they should be replaced with random recipes to give you a chance of getting new stuff more frequently. There would obviously be overlaps with items you already have, but it just means that the basic items in the game can rotate.

As you can see from the above, there is a lot of stuff I would like to see changed, just some quality of life things, however, I have a feeling non of this would come to fruition mainly because Nintendo wants you playing the game for as long as you can, which is probably partly the reason why they restrict certain things, like only being able to order 5 items or send 2 gifts in the post.

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