The Last of Us Part 2 – Review

There’s no hiding from it that the Last of Us Part 2 is one of the biggest PS4 releases of the year, and for a lot of people will probably be their Game of the Year, for me, I was a little hesitant leading up to release, I hadn’t finished the first game, and from where I got to, I hadn’t actually got that far, and I knew that I would need to finish that first before moving onto the second, and I will be honest and say that I am very glad I went back to it and finished it off. The story was brilliantly told and was intense right the way through. Now, with the first game out of the way, I could now happily crack on with the second.

First thing I will mention is that this game is a looker! Simply stunning vistas to look at and I was happily taking screenshots through the opening sequences. Every part of the game you visit, the areas are simply stunning to look at and the finer details that have been put into the game are amazing. Walking past trees with snow on them and as you knock them the trees will fall off the branches, it’s the little things like this that I love when it comes to designing games.

Big improvement from the first game was the character movements, especially when you’re walking around with Ellie and you suddenly pass something and want to backtrack and check, when you pull back on the left stick Ellie wont just turn and go, she steps back and then turns and to me it felt very natural. Again, I found their was some very finer details to movement as well as some nice additions to the game such as the ability to go prone and crawl under things and it also made it handy when trying to stealth around enemies.

One other new detail that I really like about the game is that in situations where you’re unable to get through a door because it’s blocked or locked, if there is a window near it, simple shoot the glass out or through a brick or bottle through and voila! You’re in! This little method has helped me out so many times!

I love how the world has been designed in the Last of Us Part 2, especially when going from the first game and straight into the second, my memories were fresh, and the second game did seem a lot more open than the first, there were massive areas to cover and loads of buildings to loot. This is why I’ve taken my time with the game, to get a fuller look around, there is so much to see, to check out I would honestly implore people who are playing it or will be playing it to take your time, take the world in, explore, loot and enjoy every moment, I promise it won’t disappoint.
One of the things that is core to this game is music, especially playing the guitar. Something which those who played the first game will know Joel promised Ellie he would teach her to play… and swim…

I loved how at certain places there were guitars laying around that you could just pick up and practice with, and what I loved about this was the use of the Touch Bar on the DualShock 4 controller. Being able to play so many different notes and also seeing the community what the community has created from this is unreal. Seeing people play songs that I wouldn’t have dreamed of trying, and to be honest I’m not really a musical man and can’t play any instrument. But something like that, that has been used so flexibly by the community, this is what makes me love playing games and seeing what others can create.

One thing from the first game that I was very happy to see changed was that you no longer had to craft shivs and you had your own knife to take out clickers, well when playing as Ellie, you still had to do it as Abby but there wasn’t as much of a reliance on it if you were playing more stealthily.

There some gripes with the game and one of them is headshots. I found them to be very hit and miss, sometimes it would be the sweetest of shots, bam, down they go, other times it’s a tickle at best. This did grate on me a bit especially as ammo at certain points can be in very short supply. So I found that I was wasting more bullets than I should be because a headshot wasn’t recognised. Hopefully this is something that can be tweaked.

One last thing that griped me was how the game ended. When you get to the farm that feels like the moment where the game should end, the parts after in Santa Barbara feels pointless, you don’t know the people you’re going up against and it just feels like extra for the sake of it. I don’t want to say to much as this is spoiler free, but those who have finished the game will know what I mean.

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