The Final Station | Review


The world is over. But it’s not quite over for you… at least, not yet. And now that you’ve got thousands of tonnes of locomotive at your disposal, ready to take you as far down the tracks as you have fuel to feed it, you’ve got the definite advantage over the infected hordes. This is The Final Station. The real question is whether or not you’ll help the survivors get to their destinations…. or let them die and loot their bodies. Sometimes people can be more trouble than they’re worth.


The Final Station is a 2D scrolling platformer. The main aim of the game is go from station to station gaining supplies and saving survivors from the post apocalyptic world. You have been tasked with taking cargo to a destination to help build something called ‘The Guardian’ – This is meant to be something which is going to save humanity.

The first thing I noticed about the game was that the levels are quite short, however there is still plenty to explore, and I think that the game has been designed like this, as it uses several levels on the screen at times, even though there isn’t much to explore in terms of length of the levels, there are still a lot to see and do with the different floors per level. So this would include climbing to different floors in buildings or going down in the sewers.

It does allow for more exploration as well as the chance to find things that you may other wise have not found by just sticking to the main street level.


Each levels main object is gaining the access code for the train blockers, once you have this code you can move on to the next station. However, it isn’t as easy as this, either the person who has the code isn’t at the station, forcing you to go through the level and find them, or you have to wait for the person to finish what there doing, which again means going through the streets. In this example I found it pretty pointless, if the guy had the key, then why didn’t he just give it to me? It would have taken him 2 seconds to write down or tell me…. Seems to be pretty lazy developing there, as though they couldn’t think of anything better to do!?

With the game being set in a post apocalyptic world there are dangers to be had at each station, and these come in the form of zombie/aliens, its kind of hard to tell what they are… They look like a black mass with eyes when playing the game, so not sure what to call them. As soon as they see you they will chase you, however if you are able to get to a ladder and get out of dodge, they won’t follow you any further, the only question you have after that is, how do you get passed them?

You do have a gun in the game, however ammo is in short supply and punching the alien things is good for one or two, but a crowd of them will just tear you apart, and the same can be said if you have ammo, you’re more than likely going to run out of bullets if there is a mass group of alien/zombies in front of you, and your best bet is to be more strategical about things and see if you can lure some away, or enough to be able to get passed.


As you’re going through building to building in each town, you will also notice that each section is greyed out, so you don’t know what’s coming, and as you start the game, things seem fine, there’s nothing to worry about, until you get a few stations along, and you start to notice these Alien/Zombie things popping out from rooms, and this is where you have to really start to think, especially if there is a horde waiting for you in one room, and you have one bullet left.

The bulk of the game is on foot, however there are times when you are on the train going to your next station. While on the train you will have passengers and cargo, and you have to maintain both your passengers by giving them food and or health, as well as keep the train up to scratch by maintaining things such as the ventilation etc. If these aren’t kept in check then it can result in your passengers dying. During your time in towns you do pick up some resources such as food, so that you can keep your passengers healthy and happy. Completing a journey will also reward you with money as people pay there ways and thank you for getting them to there destination safely. This money can be used to buy certain items, but again this is few and far between as people aren’t sticking around to find out what is happening with the world.

There are also very generous checkpoint within the game, and you will find that at each section in a level it will save for you, so should you die you won’t lose much if any progress. Which is always a plus with me, as I found myself dying a lot. 😀


The difficulty of the game does increase the further you get along, and for those who used a more bullish approach on the first couple of areas, now a more strategical approach is needed as things to pick up. There are interactive items throughout the worlds, and these are highlighted by a glowing white aura, and these tend to be notes with information on, or they are things that you can pick up and use later on, such as food, ammo etc.

I did enjoy the game, the whole idea behind it was solid, and I loved the post apocalyptic setting and travelling with the train, to each area, the fact that you had things to do as well while on the train made those sections worth while.



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