The Evil Within Review

This has been one of those games which I have looked forward to playing for a very long time. Ever since we had our first glimpse of it, this has been one of those games that my heart has said ‘Yes, play the game!’ and my head is saying ‘You’re an idiot for playing this and your blood pressure wont thank you for it’.

So I went with what my heart had to say… Naturally. 😀

From the very start of this game it has you on the edge of your seat. Within 5 minutes from starting the game you’re finding yourself running down corridors being chased by a maniac with a chainsaw!

The story line for the game has you starting out by investigating a multiple homicide. Things suddenly go pear shape as you enter the hospital… Pear shape is of course a understatatement. You wake up hanging up side down by your feet, with a big brute in front of you hacking away at another dead body on the table. You then free yourself by the kindly placed knife in the body in front, and then the chase is on…. As you would imagine, the big brute isn’t happy that you have managed to free yourself. The next however many minutes it takes you to do the chapter involves you sneaking around the hospital, looking for a way out, and trying to evade the big brute who has now got a chainsaw and is on the war path looking for you. After several… hundred deaths, I  finally manage to fight my way into an elevator and escape the hospital. But not before the world starts to basically fall apart, and you’re racing away in an ambulance trying to escape the falling world around you. As always though, the fun doesn’t stop, and the ambulance crashes. You’re then in the middle of nowhere having to fight your way (or Stealth, its your choice) through what looks like the walking dead. Throughout the game there are traps and bombs which can be disabled, which in turn can be used by your character to lay your own traps.

This game has its sick and twisted side too. Which can probably be seen from the front cover, and a womans face covered in barbed wire. The deaths as well can be quite frankly disturbing and here is one example of a death that happened to me…

And this one…

Oh yeah, and this one….

There has been one thing that has annoyed me, and you can see it in the last video. The camera angles in the game, are sometimes not very favourable to you, and when you’re trying to run away from a Brute with a chainsaw, it’s kind of hard to see where you’re going, hence the reason you see me bump into everything in my way. I don’t tend to be very quick fingered in changing camera angles, specially when being chased. So this might not be the biggest problem, or a problem to some, but for me it is, I did find it a little annoying.

The music and atmosphere in horror games is one of the most important aspect for me. If this isn’t up to scratch, the game is going to be lacking and not give the effect it should. However, with this game, it isn’t lacking. The sounds, the music and the atmosphere the game gives off is unbelievable. It immerses you within the game, and knows exactly when to strike! I can’t remember the amount of times I have jumped playing this game by something just jumping out at me. Especially as I’ve been playing in the dark with Surround Sound on…. Really does make me feel like there is something behind me… One thing I hate when it comes to not only horror games, but horror films as well, is the sound of a creaking door…. This game has those in abundance, and always makes me feel nervous when I hear one… Usually because somethings bound to be lurking behind it…

In terms of the graphics, I wouldn’t have said they were the best. You can tell this has also been designed for the Xbox 360, and has been upgraded from there. The graphics are gritty, but its the kind of gritty that gives that charm to the game. There are still decent effects within the worlds, and I think the gritty graphics help towards the atmosphere.


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