The Escapists: The Walking Dead Review

The Walking Dead version of The Escapists takes on a new but familiar take on both the base game and The Walking Dead series.

The main difference with this version is that you’re not trying to escape from prison each time, instead you have set objectives to do, and most of these are based on events that happen in the comics.
This is what I really like, the fact that they have followed the story and you get the play out what has happened so far in the series right up to Alexandria where the TV series left off at season 5.
The areas which you are able to play in during the game are:

• Harrison memorial hospital
• Greene family farm
• Meriwether correctional facility
• Woodbury
• Alexandria

So you can see that it follows the timeline of the comics right from Rick waking up in the hospital right through the groups journey to Alexandria.

The main objectives of the game as I said above are to do with events that happen throughout the comics, so for the Greene Family Farm, you have the collect enough weapons and hand them out to the others in the camp. Then you have to make a rush and take on the zombies in the barn, all while there is an ailing Carl in the house from being shot by Otis which Hershel is trying his hardest to mend.
Pretty much all of the series characters are included in the game, and same as the main The Escapists game, you can interact with them and do little side jobs for them.

The Escapists The Walking Dead (2)

There are some elements which are the same, at each stage you have to do morning and evening head counts to keep morale up as well as pitch in and help with chores, so again things like laundry.
Working out and keeping Rick fit is vital to fighting the zombie nation, pretty much the same in the main game where you could build you characters strength up in that.

Crafting again makes a return where you can craft all different types of weapons and tools to help get away from the zombies. However, a lot of time I couldn’t remember what the combinations were, thankfully these are kept in the notes section of your journal to refer to at a later date.
There are also any quests from your fellow survivors you have taken on and your main objectives to be found in your journal.

I’m not going to say much if anything regarding the gameplay as there isn’t much if any difference from the main game. The game is still its same lovable self and gives a whole new perspective to the type of game this can be. It doesn’t just have to be a hatch a plan and break out type game, this version shows the type of things that can be done to change this up, and that is something that has me pondering whether or not they will make any other versions of the game. Maybe a Game of Thrones version could be on offer? Same model as this could be applied and boom! You could easily have Kings Landing, Winterfell etc as the places… Idea for you Team 17 😉

The Escapists The Walking Dead

I would like to stress as well that you don’t need to have the original The Escapists game to play this, this is a separate entity and can be bought on its own.

This is a good take on both the Walking Dead series as well as a new way to keep The Escapists series fresh! I did have my doubts what this would be like when they announced it and how they could play it out, but Team 17 have done a wonderful job on this, and for me it has opened the possibilities to what other series they could do with this.

Brilliant work and The Escapists: The Walking Dead gets a solid 75% and thumbs up from Joon!

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