The Adventures of Pip | Review

The art of pixel games is still with us and very strong with the platformer genre. This allows us to get that nostalgia kick that we sometimes so desire, but for me, when does enough become enough, because here we are with The Adventures of Pip.

I have my views when it comes to scrolling platformers and what they bring to the industry. I haven’t seen anything that revolutionised the genre in terms of what can be done, it seems to be the same old dungeon crawling, chest looting games.

Adventures of Pip is unfortunately no different. Because that it what the game is about, save the princess from evil, while roaming caves/caverns and other dubious areas to get to the main bad guy/gal at the end and ultimately go on to save the day. While all the time plunging through these worlds picking up loot from chests and upgrading your character to make them the bee’s knees, the mutts nutts, however you want to phrase it.

Again, this game for me just doesn’t do anything to help me like this genre, a lot of the games like this that I play are brilliantly designed, mechanically strong, and wonderful in terms of the colours and atmosphere, I just don’t get why I want to play something with graphics that look like there 20 years out of date?! This game again, is no different to what I mentioned above, it is wonderfully designed and the mechanics of it are brilliant to use, I just can’t seem to get my head around running straight across the screen all the time, it just doesn’t excite me.

Playing through the worlds and getting from each one to the next after a while may start to get a little tedious and boring as things across the worlds do start to get a little bit repetitive. There are hidden caverns throughout the worlds as well, which don’t require a lot to find, which compared to other games, doesn’t have that reward factor and sense of achievement that other games bring to the table.


There are checkpoints throughout the world, which at times can come as a little haven as some of the puzzles throughout the different worlds are a little bit tricky, so crossing one of these before an inevitable death can come in quite handy.

I do love the way the game has a tongue in cheek jab with the main character Pip. As Pip you can ‘morph’ into 3 versions, one is a pixel cube, another is an 8-bit version of Pip and the final one is a 32-bit version of Pip… Basically, he gains more pixels as he morphs, and morphing is very simple by pressing the A button on the Wii U GamePad or controller.

You can morph back between versions as each of these are needed throughout the game. The pixel Pip is small and agile and can fit through tight squeezes, 8 Bit pip is a human version which is quick and can climb walls etc with ease, the 32-bit version has the ability to manipulate the world around him to help him out, however he is a lot slower and struggles at climbing as fast as 8-bit Pip.

Options wise for the game I found it very restricting as the only options you have in the mention is to turn the volume down on the music and sound effects. Hints within the game to help you out as well are few and far between, and the only ones you get are ones which look like the boards you could chop in half in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.


Adventures of Pip doesn’t seem to like to help you out with tutorials or even telling you how to do basic things such as turn to off screen play. The original notes I wrote for the game; I wasn’t best pleased that there wasn’t an off screen feature which allowed me to play through the GamePad. As I have said in other Wii U reviews, this is the first thing that I look for, and for the first few stages, I couldn’t find an option for it, nothing told me I could play off screen, until I accidently pressed the “-“ button on the GamePad. I really don’t understand the lack of basic explanation for features like this, fair enough, if you want people to play on the TV and maybe get a better experience all round, but if the feature is there, then maybe this should be something that is explained on the menu?

Overall the game is good, it has your standard rescue a princess story to it, and the mechanics of play are good, with the worlds being nicely designed, it’s just another game to the genre which is pretty much the same as the others, there isn’t anything here that other 2D platformers bring to the table, this is why it is only getting a 6 from me.

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