Tesla vs Lovecraft – Review

We’re reviewing another game brought to you by 10Tons, and this time it’s Tesla vs Lovecraft.

Tesla vs Lovecraft is a twin-stick shooter which on closer inspection after playing the game for a bit it is just like Crimsonland, you collect weapons and power-ups to defeat hordes of enemies.

The game starts off by introducing you to the story which is Lovecraft not approving on Tesla and the introduction of electricity, saying that Tesla doesn’t know what he’s messing with.

When you start the first levels, the game takes you through the very basics, letting you know which buttons do what basically, and then when new elements get added to the worlds, it will pop up to let you know what these do or how to use them. The tutorial is basic, but it does the job and helps you get to grips with the game and get into the action.

The game has lovely graphics and each area is well designed and thought out, giving you options at every turn, helping you strategise your next moves. The controls of the game feel nice, the movements are smooth and responsive and the game feels brilliant when playing and making your moves.

When playing the game, areas can get overwhelming at times, especially if you’re unable to get to the spawners to destroy them, this is where the strategising comes into play and using one of the features which is teleporting over short distances. However you can only use this a few times, then you have to wait for it to charge back up. There are times when you die within the game and it does start to feel like a very cheap death, and you question how it was possible, however, what I liked about the game was that the deaths weren’t frustrating, you can sort of feel a reward for going back and trying again and I know on the times I died, I went back and did it the next go, I was able to change the strategy that I was using and learn from the first attempt.

During each level you will find a lot of useful items being dropped in, different weapons will start to appear and you will shortly learn which is your favourite, from a pistol to automatic rifle and the trusty shotgun. Sometimes it is best to try and mix it up a bit, different enemies are taken down quicker by certain guns, or when it starts to get a bit too much, getting the auto rifle out and mowing down enemy after enemy. Satisfaction.

Another feature which you get after a short while in the game is the mech armor, and I had so much fun playing as the mech. During each round you have to pick up 6 pieces of mech to get the armor, you then activate it and go to town on the horde in front of you. It’s so much fun and I couldn’t wait to get another go, sometimes extending plays in each round just to keep getting the mech.

The modes available within the game are enough to keep you entertained and there is also a co-op mode within the game where you can get up to 3 friends to join you on your quest.

Overall the game is a pleasant little shooter to play, I know there are plenty available on the PS4/Xbox One, but the satisfaction and reward this game gives you is worth a few hours of your time.



Code provided by 10Tons and we thank them for supporting us.