Super Mario 3D World Review

When it comes to platformers, i have to admit there not my strong point in terms of gaming. Specially 2D platformers. Which is why i rarely play a 2D platformer on my own. I find them a lot more enjoyable to play when sitting down with my partner and playing as a Team, making sure the things to collect, we collect. (Mainly cause she spots 'collecty' things, and secret passages/doors better than me). 

This however i found very enjoyable, regardless of whether i was playing it with my partner or on my own. I think it must be the 3D element of the game. Not sure what it is, but i feel much more comfortable with running around a 3D world rather than a 2D one. The levels are beautiful and well crafted, and flow seamlessly! The use of the various features as well is a real treat, and i especially love the cat suit! Awesome addition to a wonderful game! Being able to run up walls to get to places you normally wouldnt be able to, or getting to the top of the finish pole to get that elusive 10000 point finale! The suit makes life a whole lot easier, and the characters look super cute!!

You also have the usual other powers within the game, such as the flame flower, being super huge and crushing everything in your path. As i said previously, i did find this game stepped up a level when there was more than one person playing. The ability to work a strategy out with someone and have them their help there availble for you was invaluable to getting passed some obstacles reasonably unharmed… Although missing a cloud jump and watching yourself or them drop into oblivion is quite hilarious!! I have also found that theres alot more to do during this game, as you can collect coins as usual, theres also 3 green stars to collect as well as finding stamps throughout the levels! So theres plenty to do!

Another thing that i love about this game, is pre world before you go into the levels is now 'open' to an extent. You can walk around the world and collect coins from the ? boxes that are available. Your not confined to the path were all you could do was select which way you wanted to go and little Mario would scuttle along to the next level. You're free to go where ever you want on this game… Well, as far as the pre world will allow you too anyway!

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