Star Wars Battlefront Review

Before I start this review i would like to advise that this review has been complied from a couple of hours playing Multiplayer. I would also like to say that I am not a Star Wars and no know nothing of the films or lore. Because of this my review will be entirely based on how the game feels and looks and what it contains.

The first thing that you will notice when you start playing the game is just how beautiful the graphics are. This has gone straight up there with some of the most beautiful games of this generation, and after only 2 years, if this is what games are starting to look like, I can’t wait to see what they look like in another couple of years. The lighting and the general look of the maps is phenomenal, the amount of detail that has gone into them is fantastic, and its not just how the maps are designed but its the little things in and around the maps that is just special, and each time I went back to the game, it just astounded me with the beauty.


The sounds within the game are wonderful and are beautifully epic and timed to go with the map you are on and the situation you find yourself in. Such as i found the music to be different from playing Blast to then switching over to Fighter Squadron. Fighter Squadron I found to be more fast paced and the music adapted to show that, especially with so many people flying through the air and you could be taken out from any angle.

The game overall plays well and seems smooth, however it felt too much like playing the Battlefield series. There were too many similarities with both series and I ultimately felt like I was playing a Battlefield game where everyone was dressed up as Star Wars characters.

Most of the time I played the game as well, I have to admit that I didn’t have fun, I felt there were parts that were too slow, and that no one was there, and it could have been up to a minute or more before I saw any one in the game, at which point I was more likely dead.


I didn’t feel like the guns were doing the damage they should at time, I would be getting markers and can see there health bar, but its barely moving, where 2 pops at me and im down and getting ready to respawn again. There felt to be too much effort needed when trying to get an elusive kill, everyone else gun always felt more powerful to mine as I would shoot them just as much as they would be getting me but I would always be the one dead.

This isn’t me moaning about the guns etc, its just how it felt to me, that even though I would buy a gun with higher damage it still didn’t seem like it had higher damage or do anything more that my other gun did. I know its not about higher damage etc but the balance of the gun, but it seemed to be no matter what gun I chose it didn’t matter, I would also die first.
The secondary’s that you can get for the card are built into a Card system, which you can purchase with in game credit, this will allow you to unlock different grenades, launchers etc to have set to your character. There are also customisation options to add to your imperial or rebel, which includes outfits etc.

Within the game there are 12 maps and 9 different modes to choose from and there isn’t a single player campaign available either. So for your £50/$60 that is all your getting other than some little missions you can co-op in.


So as you can see there isn’t much in terms of depths to be had from the game, and this is going to be heavily reliant on getting the season pass and the content that comes from that. Which isn’t very good, as that is going to take your total for a game up £100/$120 roughly. If you’re happy with the basic though, that’s all good. But for me I think for what you are getting from the game, its not worth the initial price tag that you have to pay.

To finish I will reiterate what I said above, the game is beautiful and has awesome music and sound effects, but for what you get in the base game, its not worth the price to pay at the moment, its more of a cheap second hand copy or waiting for the price to drop down to around £25/$30, and also the fact that to me it just feels like a Battlefield Costume Party, I would rather just go back and play Battlefield 4.

I’m going to give this a pretty sad 7. Alot more was expected to be delivered, but half of it was left behind.

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