Splatoon 2 – Review

Since the release of the original Splatoon on the Wii U, this has become one of Nintendos most favourite franchises, offering something different for Nintendo fans, it’s a third person shooter with a twist. The matches are mainly objective based as by the end of the match your team has to have painted the most area on a map. Sounds simple? Well, in theory, it should be, but with the various amount of weapons and styles of maps available, each one brings its own unique playstyle, or at least I thought so and you will find that no 2 matches play out the same.

The maps are on rotation at 2 every 2 hours, so every 2 hours you will get a different combination of 2 to play through. Even with this, the games won’t be the same, even if you play the same map 3 times (which can happen), it might not be the same outcome. You could have a crushing victory or loss first time round and then it could reverse for the next game. However, I think this is mainly down to after each match it’s kind of like a reset and teams are changed around. Unfortunately though, if you continually get one person on your team who does nothing you don’t stand a chance of winning any matches. Several times I came across people who were in for the full match and at the end of it still only had 0p.

Which to me begs the question, why? Simply cheating with friends to help boost them up? If you need to do that then I would just suggest giving up. I’m nowhere near the best player and will admit that this game took me a while to get used to and to find the balance that was right for me in terms of weapons and clothes/bonuses attached, but I worked hard for where I am and it does sort of make a mockery of the game if people are doing this. Hopefully, Nintendo is sorting this kind of stuff out.

I will say though that after I got used to Splatoon 2 and got the balance that I enjoyed using that then it became a lot more enjoyable and I found myself playing for longer periods. I love how a lot more of the maps have been designed within the game. Each of which provides their own challenges, but also can make you play slightly differently to the last map(s). An example of this would be one map you could be on a map designed like 2 towers, which makes it a lot harder to get to the enemies spawn and the main fight is the middle part of the map, where as another map could be a skate park, a lot easier to get around and you have to be watching all angles as people can come at you from nowhere. Which is what I found out quite quickly that some people will lurk in ink and wait to pounce on you, but it you’re quick enough and can see them moving about, you might still be able to get a splat.

I love the variety in weapons in the game as well, they can go from Paint brushes to rollers to straight up guns, all having different fire rates and uses. Rollers and brushes are used more for quick painting and getting a large area done quickly. Gun’s are more for precision splatting and are also best (in my opinion) for getting opponents, however, some are good are quickly getting larger areas, but use up (again in my opinion) more ink and need refilling a lot more.

One of the better and more sneaky features as well is that when you’re in a map and running around painting the area if you need to get to a vantage point, all you need to do is paint the wall up to the ledge and then enter squid form and swim up to it and voila, there you go! Squid form is also used for refilling your weapon, which if you’re sneaky about it, as I mentioned above, you can hide in the ink while doing so and surprise an opponent if they don’t spot you first.

The main thing that I love about this game is that is its simplicity in how it’s designed. When you start the game up you’re placed into the main lobby area where you have other people which show the designs they’ve made (which some can be hilarious) and there is also the shops where you can buy hats, tops, shoes, and guns. More of which become available as you rank up and better versions also unlock. So if you get attached to a certain type of weapon then you will more than likely get another one further down the line as you rank up. I would also like to say that when playing the game online it has been buttery smooth. There have been disconnections here and there from matches and lobbies, but when you’re playing the game it is unreal and I think this is one of the things that I love about Nintendo. It’s there do it right or go home attitude.

I would highly recommend trying out a variety of weapons as you might be surprised at some of them. I never thought I would get on with the rollers, but managed to have a good few rounds until I got hold of my current weapon.

I love the use of colours within the game as well, having a change every round does make a difference and not sticking with the same 2 colours for the ink provides a nice change and the overall use of colours within the game is nicely used, especially for the design of the maps and the clothes that you can pick from.

There is a single player mode within the game, which is basically using the various skills you learn to get through different levels which finally ends up at a boss level. Pretty standard and I have to admit that it maybe felt a little bit tact on to expand the game a little bit further than just the online experience, but it does help get to learn the game and the mechanics as the shooting with the guns can be classed as a little bit pray and spray!

The game overall is brilliant, it took me a while to get used to it and find a balance that was suitable for me, but once I got there it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and one I found myself playing more and more of.