Spider-Man: Miles Morales – Review

I am a massive Marvel fan, I love the Marvel and DC universes, from the comics to the games and films, I love this universe and I love getting lost in it. This is one of the reasons that I have a PS5, especially after playing the first Spider-man on PS4, these games are a must-play for me.

The first thing that I want to talk about is the story, which I enjoyed thoroughly, it wasn’t as long as the first Spider-man game and only took me around 10 hours to complete, which was adding in doing some other side missions, etc along the way. But the characters, the writing, the way the story was told, and the world it was told in, it was fantastic, and it would be well worth another play in New Game+. I know it’s nearly 2 years since release, but I still don’t like to post spoilers, especially if you’re about it experience it for the first time, and as it’s just been included on PS+ Extra.

Developer: Insomniac Games

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Release: 12 November 2020

Now, the next thing I’m going to talk about that the first Spider-man game had spot on is how you traveled and traversed the world. With it being Spider-man you know it’s all about the web swinging, however, there are fast travel options available but I had too much swinging around the city to really use these, but it was a nice option to have in case I couldn’t be bothered. The web swinging in the game is simply glorious, it’s so well put together and smooth this is why I just loved swinging around instead of using the fast travel.

Another reason for swinging around the city is just how alive New York is, or at least this version of it anyway. This is one thing that I love when it comes to open-world games like this, just how alive they feel and I love how in each area they’ve Insomniac have managed to bring them alive. From Harlem to the Upper West side to central park and New York City, there’s a buzz about them, there’s traffic, and people on the streets, and that’s coupled with the random events/crimes that take place.

In regards to the random events that take place, they are just that, random and will just happen as you’re swinging around the world and these can range from shop break-ins, and helicopters going rogue to rival factions fighting each other. The variety between them I felt was well done and while they are the same sort of thing each time, every different even was well rotated to give you a decent amount of variety.

One difference in Mile Morales was the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-man app, where you could take requests from people to help them out with different things, such as finding someone’s pigeons or removing ice from a crane that is about to fall and cry people if not sorted. Again, I would put this in the same sort of category as the random events, a lot of the stuff is similar in what you have to do, but there is enough variety to be able to enjoy them, and the smoothness of the gameplay as mentioned above also helps with this. The app was a nice little addition to the game, it was a good way to allow me to pace myself with the story and do other little side missions to help rank up Miles and try and get other moves and skills.

Speaking of the moves/skills available, the combat is amazing… again. When you start to link together a combo and add in dodges, it becomes so fluid and some of the combos that you can pull off in one swoop is brilliant and I know I’ve it before, but the excellent gameplay helps this massively.

As was with the first Spider-man game, there are suits that can be unlocked, I preferred to stick with the original suit and didn’t mix it up much. Each different suit as well gives you a different suit mod, so you could have stronger webs so it’s harder for enemies to break out of, you could reduce the amount of effect that Roxxon has on venom suppression, so there are all different perks to each suit and I guess that’s down to how you play the game.

When you go on the map to the city, there are again a lot of collectibles to get within the world, these come in the form of Time Capsules which Miles and Phin hid around the city, there are underground caches to collect which gives to tech parts, which is important for upgrading gadgets and suits as well as Uncle Arron’s sound bytes, which he and Miles’ father recorded and you have to try and figure out what the sounds are and rerecord them. These were pretty cool to do and were different from the usual collectibles that you go and fetch.

For me, this game is outstanding and while it was shorter than the first, it introduces us to Miles who I am sure will be in Spider-man 2. Highly recommended by Joon.

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