South Park Pinball Review

Game Overview

Seriously you guys, it’s South Park Pinball! Whoa dudes! South Park is coming to Zen Pinball, Zen Pinball 2, and Pinball FX2 in a huge way! South Park pinball brings two kickass new tables based on the little mountain town of South Park, with one focusing on the town’s diverse residents and sweet storylines, and another one focused on the always affable Butters Stotch.

South Park’s Super-Sweet Pinball brings players to the quiet mountain town of South Park along with Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman to relive the hit TV show. You’ll meet up with other beloved characters from the show, including Wendy, Jimmy, Timmy, Mr. Hankey, and even the elusive ManBearPig (super- cereal, you guys!) and experience events from the show like Cartman’s probe, Sarcastaball, and Christmas in Canada.

In South Park: Butter’s Very Own Pinball Game, you’ll team up with Butters Stotch as he lives out his own pinball adventures. You’ll relive key moments along with Butters, including taking on the Coon and Friends as his alter ego Professor Chaos, stealing the Fortune Telling Device from the girls’ sleepover, and even saving Imaginationland and its denizens.

So come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine!



Game Review

Let me start by saying that, if you like South Park and you like Pinball then you shouldn’t read any further…………..Just go and buy the tables.

I’m a huge fan of South Park and I wasn’t disappointed when I fired up these tables in Pinball FX2. All the characters featured on the tables will be instantly recognisable to regular viewers of the antics of the children from Colorado.

Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, Chef are all present in Super Sweet Pinball and they all have their own different modes. Upon launching the ball you are inundated with soundbites and they just don’t stop !!

I can’t go into detail on all the different modes as I haven’t triggered them all yet but if you go into the help section on the table they are all explained there.

I can say that there is a multiball feature with Mr Hankey and that the pinballs are not silver when it starts…..they’re little round balls of poop !!!!!

The modes are all stackable which means you have the potential for some really high scoring.

I have played this table a few times and each time I’ve had a big smile on my face….IT’S JUST SO MUCH FUN !!!!!


The other table included in the pack is Butter’s Very Own Pinball Game, this one hasn’t got as many features and modes as the Super Sweet table but it’s still fun to play.

Butters is one of my favourite characters in the show so I was pleased if somewhat surprised when he was chosen to get his own table. Cartman would have been the obvious choice and I applaud Zen Studios for not taking that path(although a future Cartman Table would be cool to have).


The table itself isn’t as ‘cluttered’ as the other and my experience of it is that it’s harder to put together a good score and I was constantly losing balls down the side runs.

I’m sure that with more practice (as with all things) that I’ll get better and will enjoy the table more.



Fun to play and challenging too. If you like the show you should buy it. Zen Studios have done it again and in my opinion this table pack is one the best they have produced.

I give this pack a solid 80%.


Tips & Tricks for South Park’s Super-Sweet Pinball

 Main Mode madness: Take advantage of the table’s stackable modes! Almost every mode can be run at the same time on this table, so choose wisely when you start them, as having more than four modes running together at the same time can be a real frenzy! Still want more? Consider starting a multiball over the already running mode(s) to achieve a cereal performance!

 Kenny’s trouble: Having problems with shots to Kenny’s loop? Chef is ready to help you out! Start Chef’s mode by hitting the door on the left collecting the CHEF letters, and shoot his lane so you will hit Kenny’s loop too with the same shot! Crazy, isn’t it?

 Wizard of score: The main modes are worth growing scores for every completion until you reach the Wizard mode. Wizard mode scores depend on how many times you complete the main modes; the more the merrier! Don’t be afraid to start over and complete main modes again for super-sweet scores!

 Jimmy’s gym: You want to activate the kickback quicker? Choosing the easy way, huh? Fine then, just go for some right loop shots between the pop bumpers and hold the left flipper. Hopefully, this will cause the ball to hit the JIMMY targets. Still not easy enough for you? Collect the JIMMY lights once again when the two kickbacks are already lit, and you will get a nice and delicious ball saver for a while! It’s almost cheating!


Tips & Tricks for South Park: Butter’s Very Own Pinball Game


 Mini playfield: You can visit the Coon and Friends-themed mini playfield in two separate modes. Starting the Chaos vs Coon and Friends main mission or locking the ball after the Chaos Multiball will also bring you to the Coon’s hideout where they keep Professor Chaos as their prisoner.

 Using the circle during multiballs: Having a hard time controlling all those balls? Here’s a tip for you: during Bikers Multiball, Chaos Multiball and the Wizard Mode, the circle gate is open, so you can shoot one or two balls in there and focus on the remaining one(s). Now you can collect those jackpots easier!

 Good Guy Bumpers: Trying to make a shot before the timer runs out and the ball gets caught between the bumpers? Fear not; the bumpers will not only provide increased scores after each hit but even the mission timer will be paused. After the ball leaves the bumper area, the timer will continue.

 Crossing the US border: Poor Meheecan fellas are sure having a hard time getting across the border in time with these ever-changing barriers! However, as you’ll find out, even shooting those barriers can do you some good as they add three seconds to the mission timer. Three seconds may not seem much, but it could save the day!

 Lexus’ present: You can change the present at any time by shooting the spinner before you finally try and go for it. Once you see your most desired reward, push the present all the way back. Just be careful not to hit the spinner again while doing so!

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