Sniper Elite V2 Remastered – Review

This was the first Sniper Elite games that I played when it released on the Xbox 360, loving the World War eras the game always appealed to me.

Sniper Elite V2 challenges you to take on different assignments which basically involves taking out a target, but first and foremost you have to navigate your way around the level, which can give you several options. The routes around the map are linear and there’s no way you can get lost throughout, but the game does give you little bits to search for, such as shooting certain bottles which can be found.

The first thing I noticed when playing was how well the remastered had done on the environments, they were clean and crisp and had a certain vibe about them. Rough edges from the original had been smooth out like a fine piece of marble, however there were some things that were brought over from the original game that really brought a downer to things, and if I am honest, it doesn’t surprise me one bit to be honest, with this being a remaster and not a complete rework, things such as poor enemy AI movement, dodgy hit detection and the fairly wooden character movements are all prevalent within the remaster. 

This was one thing that really started to grate on me, the wooden movement of the main character was really annoying, there were times I got caught out on missions and had to use the Thompson auto rifle that you’re provided with for closer combat, and the movement complete with the dodgy hit detection made trying to get kills impossible. Luckily there were times when the AI went a bit useless and kept looking in one area so I could kind of work my way around them, but it didn’t make for the best experience, especially when you think to how far the series has come with Sniper Elite 4.

However, the satisfaction of watching those cinematics as the bullets go flying towards them and pop them right through the eye or in some cases as people liked to do, the genitals, is still super satisfying to watch.

One thing that i really enjoying with Sniper Elite V2 remaster was the co-op side of things, being able to play with friends and take on hordes of enemies, fixing up points before the map was destroyed or just as a lookout and gunman, the co-op experience allowed me to play a different way, i knew this way that there was someone at my back who could call out if there was anyone approaching that I might not have seen. 

I did have a few issues with the sounds within the game, especially when it came to hearing the enemies. I found I could hear them over quite a large distance, which at times was off putting as I would be listening for them and looking around where I was and there would be no one, go forward a bit, and i would suddenly find them at the other end of the street, so instead of getting louder and louder, the enemies sounded like they were right there with me. So as you can imagine, that was quite off putting.

On a whole I do have to say that the game does fell like the complete package, with all the extras such as characters that you can select from, all the DLC that was available being included, you are getting your monies worth, however, the technical aspect of the game still hold it back slightly.  That being said, if you’re a fan of the series, or never got around to playing it the first time around, you will definitely enjoy the game. 

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