Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition | Review

There have been many remakes/remasters done over the last year and there will no doubt be many more over the Xbox Ones life cycle. Were in the most part i don’t agree with all the remakes and remasters, there are some that are worthy of it. This is one of them. I didn’t get to play much of this on the 360 when it came out, i may have only played an hour or so. But from what I did play, i loved it. The story grabs from you from the off and keeps hold of you. I have to admit that i feel it can start slow with all the tutorials at the beginning, but once you’re passed those its easy to lose hours of the day.

One of the reasons I love the storyline so much is because you get to play from both the criminals side of things and the police. The story outline is that you are Wei Shen, an undercover police officer in Hong Kong trying to unravel the Triads from within. The character focus and depth on Wei is fantastic, and that’s partly down to the fantastic voice acting from Will Yun Lee.

There are plenty of other things that you can do around Hong Kong if you fancy taking a break from the storyline or if you get to the end of it. Side missions are plentiful with you being able to do things from both side of the spectrum. There are Cop Jobs, Races, plenty of favours to do for people, and you can get involved in a typical Drugs Bust. So don’t worry about there not being much to do, as there is enough to keep you occupied for hours. Along with the 24 DLCs that are included with the game, there’s content galore!

The open world of the game just makes it so much more inviting to play, specially as you can do whatever you feel like. Want a change from the story? No problem, plenty of other missions to do 🙂

The combat within the game feels smooth satisfying. There are no other words to describe it. The pleasure i get from a beautifully timed kick to the face is so satisfying, specially when the game goes into slow motion to show it in greater detail… Aaaaahhh Quite Satisfactory…

I find the driving within the game to be a bit hit and miss depending on the vehicle im driving. Which i guess is good, as all cars are different and should act different. Although the mechanics behind the cars can be a little strange as the following clip will show…

There are also times that when two car collide, you just sit and think… Really… At that speed im sure there would be more damage.

The graphics are an upgrade from the 360 version, Lighting and Weather effects have also had an upgrade, and the render distance has also extended to go with the power that the Xbox One holds. Along with the render distance, the population density of the AI has been upgraded. There are now a lot more people on the streets and cars on the road. This is particularly good, as i found on the 360 version that there was only a few people in certain areas. As though only a certain amount could load, where as now, theres plenty of people to annoy you while you’re trying to sprint after someone.

I love the music in this game, this is one of those games where i would love to have the soundtrack and could listen to it for hours. With the extra population as well within the City, comes extra sounds, and it amazing to hear the game so vibrant and alive with people. This is one criticism i have of a few games. The sound just doesn’t represent whats going on on the screen. This game does that and i love the fact you can hear the city so alive. Specially when you are walking through the market place and you can hear all the different vendors shouting you to buy their products, whether it be clothes, food, drink.

The games feel alit smoother to handle, there were a couple of times on the 360 version that it felt a bit wooden and stiff. This version on the One does feel smoother and more fluid to touch. As your sprinting through the city, driving or fighting you can feel the smoothness, especially with the combat. Creating a nice combo is satisfying and flows well.


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