Skies of Fury DX – Nintendo Switch Review

Skies of Fury DX is originally an iOS game which has now been brought across to the Switch.

It’s an arcade World War Plane Combat game that has you spinning and manoeuvring about to dodgy attacking enemies. There are 3 modes to the game, Campaign, which as it says on the tin, this is the campaign mode where you undertake a variety of missions, 100 of them to be precise. There’s a survival mode, again as it says on the tin, in this mode you’re out there to survive, and the third mode is versus is where you go head to head with other players.

The campaign mode was OK, but the lack of variation in what you have to do is disappointing and when you have to do 100 of them, the missions can become a little tedious. You do have a skill tree which you unlock various items, cosmetics etc but it does get a little boring a little fast.

Combine that with the controls and for me, this game crashes almost instantly. I for the life of me couldn’t get to grips with the controls, it’s a twin-stick system that in theory should be rather easy to handle, but for me, it really wasn’t.

This kind of sucked all the fun out of the game and some of the movements had me feeling a little nauseous, especially when playing in handheld mode. I even found myself at times turning the Switch in my hands with the movements, which really didn’t help, and this meant that I couldn’t really play the game for long stints, which is one reason why it has taken me longer than I would have liked to complete this review. With the basis of the game being that you’re going to have to dodge out of the way of enemy attacks, this caused the issues for me, I wasn’t the best with the controls, no matter how hard I tried, which made it awkward when attempting to get away from enemies, although when I did manage to get into the clouds to try and lose them, followed by a loop over the top and in behind, it did feel quite satisfying.

I did like the style of the game, it has been designed in a comic book style and the colours used in it are brilliant. The backdrops you were flying around were very nice indeed and had been brilliantly designed to give the game that little extra polish since coming across from mobile. Add into that the music that plays along and you have some epic fights with the right atmosphere playing along.

The multiplayer which there are modes for 2-4 players is unfortunately only local play and there is no online play, so unless you have some real-world friends that you can play with, there isn’t going to be an opportunity for you to try this out, which is a bit of a disappointment.

The survival mode was fun, but it was kind of your standard Horde mode that you see in most games, but if you’re into playing those types of modes then it is going to be a lot of fun.

Overall the game is good, I’m sure those more confident in the controls and handling of the planes will get along with the gameplay brilliantly, that combined with the 100 levels, there is plenty of content here for you, the only issue being is that it’s very repetitive, and if you don’t have any friends with this game who you can play locally with, then you’re not going to get to try the Versus mode out.

Yes this was a mobile game originally, but don’t let that put you off, there is some polish here and a lot of care has gone into the Switch version, however, I will say that if you don’t like repetitive games, then this isn’t the one for you.


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