Sixty Second Shooter Prime Review

I have to admit, when I received my copy of this game I knew nothing about, hadn’t seen anything to do with it, or what it was about, so imagine my surprise when I clicked ‘start’…. I wasn’t at all ready for what was about to come at me….

First go… I went straight into what could only be described as a floating brick. Next go I knew that floating bricks were bad…. Now I’m looking at the static yellow things, are they good or bad?! Wait… OK I now know that they are good. They help Joon, and anything that can help Joon is a good thing…

[pullquote]The only phrase i can use to describe this game is ‘Bat Shit Mental’.[/pullquote] When you start getting to the higher levels and there’s more and more things trying to kill you, the amount of stuff going on on the screen at once is absolutely mental, fun, but mental…

One of the things I love about this game was that it gave me that retro feel. It kind of felt like I was playing a remake of Asteroids! It gives the feeling like it would have been well suited to the arcades you used to visit when you were a kid in the 90’s and would put your 20p’s in to have one go, but would end up spending god only knows how much of your parents money playing ‘Silly Games’ as they would call it. (My mum still says it to me to this day.)

The game can be quite repetitive as its the same thing over and over… Flying round, shooting things, collecting goodies and moving up levels. As I’ve stated in previous reviews, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but just hinders the amount of time you will probably play the game, as this isn’t one of those that you could sit around for hours playing on your own. However playing and competing with friends can be very fun, specially seeing who can last the full sixty seconds and what level they can make it too. Which I would like to add, my quickest death was 0.5 seconds, as I landed on one of the floating block things as I spawned! LOL! The game may be repetitive but we also find out when I was playing with a group of friends, we all ended up saying ‘Just one more game!’ about 10 times, all trying to beat the high score the other set. Which I think was around the 1.57 million mark!

The music…. The best way for me to describe the music is how my Brother in Law put it… A Toe Rave…. Basically… He couldn’t stop his toes bouncing to the music whenever i was playing! Which was hilarious! The music goes well for me with whats going on on the screen…. So emphasises the game play to make it more intense when theres everything on the screens

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