SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell – Review

About SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell:

Marty was having a late morning breakfast and minding his own business. The demon knocking on the door wasn’t part of his morning routine. Before Marty was able to open, the hell breed smashed in the doors. A fierce brawl commenced and Marty lost his right arm, but at least the demon also lost his head. Unfortunately, whilst the brawl erupted more demons entered his garage and stole his last batch of limited edition Walrus Ale ™. Now Marty has become furious! He ripped off the demons arm and did some DIY to re-attach his arm back to himself. This demon is no looker but gee it casts some nasty fireballs. Martys (after)life now has a single purpose: Go to hell and get his beer back! \m/

Slice every last millisecond as you race and blast your way through deadly arenas. Teleport, jump, fly, bounce and drop in a hundred merciless and fast paced maps for the ultimate prize: Your soul!

Like an unholy child of Quake 3 and Super Meat Boy, SEUM is truly hardcore and focuses on speed and fast reactions. Race across and jump over platforms and bounce pads while shooting fireballs as you battle to reach an exit portal in the minimum amount of time. Reverse time and gravity. Compete with all players for top times in the online high score ladder. Only the toughest players will receive the Uber Skull medals!

If mind-blowing speed and adrenaline blasting its way through your body seems too boring for your speed running blitzkrieg, then search for the beer cans hidden in each level. Who knows which secrets can be discovered by finding all of these delicious refreshments?


– Can’t get much more old school than this!
– 100 levels, each more devilish than the last, with secrets around every corner.
– Shoot fireballs, reverse gravity, teleport and dodge obstacles to solve challenges.
– Leaderboards in each level so you can see how you fare against your friends (and enemies).
– Original soundtrack that’ll have you tearing through the levels with blazing speed.
– \m/

Warning: SEUM has been known to cause leaning disease. Symptoms are irrational leaning forward towards your screen when making difficult jumps. Smashing monitors with your head is not a way to beat the game!


This game is the sort of thing that starts out as ‘I’ve got a spare half hour or so to have a quick play before I have to pick up little Jimmy from playschool’ and ends up with you finishing your ‘quick play’ and little Jimmy suddenly being able to vote and drink legally. It really is a game that somehow eats up massive chunks of time.

It starts off by explaining what you are to do in the form of a comic strip and then pitches you straight into the thick of the action. The name of the game is as the name of the game suggests……speedrunning. You are tasked with getting from point A to point B in the quickest time possible to be able to unlock the next level. There are 9 levels of hell to navigate each split up into 11 different courses and I can tell you that whilst the initial few levels are fairly straightforward and quite easy to complete, the difficulty really ramps up the further you get. You have powers to use and master and the actual route you take to be successful does take a few goes at the level before you work it out.

You will die…………you will die a lot, but in doing so you should be able to work out what to do not to die and reach the end of the level. Now reaching the end is a victory but the actual aim of the game is to do it really really fast (hence the name). There are leader boards for each level and as I’ve stated in previous reviews this feature is a huge factor in replayability. As quick as you think you are there will invariably be someone who is quicker……sometimes by 10 seconds or more but sometimes by 100ths of a second which, for me at least, makes me want to replay the level to see if I can eke out that extra time to jump up the leader board.

Graphically the game tips it hat massively to Doom and Quake and looks very very good. The music is full on metal and sets the scene superbly. I couldn’t imagine playing this game to any other genre of music. Also scattered around the levels are hidden cans of beer which a demon stole from your character who is called Marty. All this is explained at the beginning via the previously mentioned comic strip, so I won’t go into detail here.

I did find in my time with the game that the controls are VERY VERY sensitive, this led to many many curses escaping from my mouth and many many deaths. The demon will also throw the odd insult at you each time you perish….you know, just to rub salt into your wounds.


As well as the single player story, there is also Extended Play which I believe is extra levels on top of the 100 in the base game, Endless Mode which sees you trying to get as far as you can in one run and Speedrun Mode which allows you to complete sections of the game in the fastest time possible.

In summary I think SEUM Speedrunners is a solid title and it has massive replayability which only adds to the value of any game.

Code for review was provided by publishers and as always we thank you.