Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Review

Rory McIlroy PGA is the first next gen Golf game from EA to arrive on the Xbox One. After the release of the Golf Game, was this golf game a hole in one or has it landed in the Rough?

The first thing I am going to comment on is that for me I believe that this is one of those games that will only really appeal to golfing fans. I’ve always found that sports games can be quite limiting when it comes to a fan base as its one of those that wouldn’t appeal to the casual gamer. That’s not to say casual gamers shouldn’t give this game a try as it could be that playing this game is what gets you into the sport.


The first thing I am going to comment on regarding this game is the menus when you first start the game. Its pretty much what you would expect and have seen from the previous years of EA Sports games and that’s the prominent Metro boxed menu. This is another EA Sports game that’s had it implemented, and I have to say that its getting pretty static for me. I feel they should be trying to get each game to have its own identity and style and the main menus should be something that brings out that identity, after all it is the first thing you see when you load the game up.

The game play in general feels smooth to play and the courses look wonderful and beautifully detailed. There has been plenty of attention taken when it comes to the courses, even right down to the wildlife as there are Alligators one on of the courses in Florida in played on.

Driving the ball from the Tee and off the fairway feels satisfying. There’s a meter in the bottom left corner to show how straight your shot is and this is all down to how you use the left stick on the controller. Straight up and down is a lovely straight shot, however the slightest knock left or right on the stick will cause the shot to go rather way wards… As I have found out on multiple occasions. Once you’ve taken your shot you can add spin to it, this is especially helpful if your on a dog leg course and need the ball to turn when it lands. Also getting the spin on the ball right could be the difference between getting a birdie, par or bogeying the hole.

I’ve always been fine with driving and getting to the green… When I get to the green and have to putt, this is what causes me problems… I can never seem to get it right and will overshoot the shot or go far too short… Im more of a power type of guy… Cant seem to do soft touches!


There are guides there to tell you the drop and how steep the drop is and which way its going, but its still quite hard and rather frustration to get the shot right. (For me anyway)

The controls are easy to use and everything is nicely placed on the HUD, but one thing I think which goes with my comments above regarding this being a game for Golf fans is that knowing which club to use in which situations… Yes there are easy ones such as the Sand Wedge, Putter and Driver, but when it comes to the 7 Iron etc it could get a bit confusing for the casual gamer.

However there are times when those shots can go perfect and you get a beautiful long putt, as shown in this video… – Take no notice of my score… I am rubbish at this game haha!

I have found the commentary on the game rather condescending. Some of the comments that they make are rather ridiculous at times… Such as saying things like “The closer you get to the sun, the likelier it is your wings will melt’…. Not sure what that has to do with Golf, but there you go.


Also, when you start your career as an amateur, the commentary doesn’t reflect this and treat you as a professional as though I’m Rory McIlroy…

This is a very good game and a welcome change of pace in the sports category, as its not as fast paced as NHL, NBA, FIFA etc. The game plays well and has some wonderful courses and also provides a challenge which is what most gamers want.

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