Rollercoaster Legends – PSVR Review

I have been really looking forward to Rollercoaster Legends, it seemed like the kind of game that would be perfect for it. Having that rollercoaster feeling, going through the emotions of the drops and everything seemed perfect, but I have to admit that I was left rather deflated by the whole thing.

Rollercoaster legends is an 8 minute experience, which at times I was left rather underwhelmed by, yes, you get that feeling at times of being on a rollercoaster, the whole immersion of the game is brilliant and it’s only through VR that you get the true feeling of being on a rollercoaster, but there are moments which could have been ramped up a bit.

There’s a part with a Minotaur chasing you through corridors and suddenly ending up in front of you, only for the track to change course to the right and you’re off down a different corridor. My issue with this part is that the Minotaur is right in front of you and can be seen from the other end, so you know he’s there. There isn’t any build up to him and he doesn’t jump out, he’s just there, so it’s more of a kind of a kind of wave and hello type meeting instead of jumping out of my skin with a ‘holy jeebus, what the hell was that’!

There is another point a little further along where the Minotaur slams at some gates to the side of you, however, this was to be expected, so the experience fell a little flat, which was kind of disappointing. Also, the lack of use of the rumble feature in the controller was disappointing and could have added to the overall feel of the game, flying off the track to land on the other side just felt flat and I thought that maybe the rumble could have played a part here to add a little bit of immersion.

Ghosts that flew down a corridor straight at you dissipate a fair distance away from you and don’t fly through which meant the scare factor really wasn’t there as you didn’t have the full effect from it, which again added to the disappointment I was feeling.

Another issue that I have with the game is that it is only 8 minutes long?! That is how long the ride lasts for, which for me was quite disappointing. I understand that a lot of the time the VR can only be worn for so long before fatigue or sickness kicks in, but surely other styles of rollercoasters could have been made from other mythologies or timelines? It does seem to be a waste to have a game that lasts 8 minutes unless more rides are going to be added, there doesn’t seem to be any longevity to the game.

I will say though that the game does look absolutely gorgeous, and the different parts of Greek mythology that are shown do look absolutely stunning. You get to see Kronos, Charon, and Hades as well as the mentioned above the Minotaur.

Although the game experience isn’t terrifying, the feeling of being on a Rollercoaster is there and I know from playing it that those big drops did make my stomach go funny, just like being on a real rollercoaster.

Overall, the experience is very good, the rollercoaster feeling is there, the game looks good, but any fear factor from it and longevity just seems to be severely lacking and I really do hope that this game is built upon with new tracks added. But for £4, what can you say, you’re spending 50p a minute on this game, and with the same track over and over and knowing whats coming, this is really a one trick pony, unfortunately.