Redeemer – PC Review

Redeemer is a top down brawler, imagine Diablo style corridors without the loot but instead with a violent and bloody combat system. After the opening story finishes and sets you up for the game you are thrown into the combat system immediately. I started on mouse and keyboard but quickly transitioned to controller. This game feels a lot more comfortable to play with a controller and think it has been designed in this manner. The combat system is nice and simple, two attack buttons along with blocks, environmental commands and movement and a button tutorial guides you through this quickly and simply during the early stages.

In the game you play the role of a monk who’s sacred temple has been attacked by an unknown army and you are seeking revenge and as it turns out you also have a dark secret which will slowly be revealed during the narrative of the game. The cut scenes are comic book style images and the game is voiced during these scenes which helps set the tone with the main characters Wolverine like gruff voice. As a huge Diablo fan, this top down style immediately appealed to me and as soon as the game began and I set up my ideal resolution I was ready to dig in. Needless to say I was not disappointed, the combat is brutal, you can have a head on attack approach or you can in some situations use stealth to your advantage which involves brutal animations when killing. Also environments can be used as weapons and allow you to pull off executions to brutal effect.

So I’m loving the combat so much I forget to take in the graphics and the look of the game. It is very modern and as it uses the Unreal 4 engine you’ll see it has been put to good use, the game is great to look at. Anyway after taking a moment of appreciation for its looks, the bad guys start dropping guns!? What! simply amazing. Not only do we have a strong combat system, you can now pick up or disarm the bad guys and blast them with Pistols, Shotguns, ARs as well as hand combat, knifes, axes, clubs etc. Needless to say I am loving this game and will continue progress through the story to see what other treats lay in wait for me, this game is fun, brutal and great looking and should be a top consideration for you to play. I really hope this is brought across to console as well as it feels like it would suit the console audience as well as the PC crowd.

If you need further validation that this is a fantastic game, the Steam reviews sum its current state up very well and the game current sits as Very Positive.

Redeemer is available now for £10.99 on Steam.