Reaching for Petals – PC Review

Now most game titles often give you a sense of what to expect before even reading a synopsis or looking at screenshots but I try to never judge a book or game in this instance by its cover.

This is a tough review and opinion piece about this game as quite frankly there isn’t much I can say about it or much bulking out of this article to get around what this game is. It’s essentially a walking simulator, the controls are basic movement, jump, interact and jog (yeah right) and that’s it nothing more.

I’ve played 47 minutes of the game according to my Steam log and those 47 minutes were spent wondering if anything was going to grab my attention or keep me going and to be honest, those 47 minutes were forced. If I had purchased this game I would have switched it off after 10 minutes but I wanted to give it a chance for a fair as possible review.

The game is has great visuals, a great use of the Unreal engine and very high detail in all the surrounding environment which is probably why the “jog” function was a very minimal increase in walk speed. Even then walking pace was about as quick as an elderly person with a zimmer frame and it was very laboured and forced upon the player. The main reason this walking pace was enforced is so that the narrator can read out what can only be described as poetry before you reach key “checkpoints” in the game. If you had the ability to run the game would be over in 20 to 30 minutes and the narrator would only have got through half of his lines.

From what I gather playing the game, the player is remembering key moments about his significant other by walking through the forest which are in themselves journeys they used to take together. Now as I didn’t finish the game or found my attention hard to stay on the plot I may be off slightly in what I understood was happening but my assumption is that the partner is no longer living or something significant has happened and their story is being retold via narration and some text at the end of each chapter. This is the game, nothing else.

I am very open to trying new gaming experiences but I found this game very difficult to enjoy or stick with. If you like artistic style games and want nothing more than to unwind and listen to a love story whilst holding down the “W” key on your keyboard then this is the game for you, otherwise I don’t see much point to it and it may as well have been a video.

Unfortunately in this case I should have judged the book by its cover and left well alone.

3 / 10

Pros – Great visuals, soothing music track

Cons – Nothing to do in the game other than sit and listen.