Rage 2 – Review

I had always liked the look of Rage 2 but there was also something in the back of my mind wondering what was going to set it apart from other games? What was going to make this different from the many open world games out there?

Rage 2 is set 30 years after the story of the first Rage game, you play as Walker, one of the last Rangers, after the events of the beginning of the game, Walker sets out to take revenge on The Authority and end their oppression.

After the initial battle at the start of the game, it opens up the world and you’re able to go adventuring around. The game gives you 3 missions to start off with, to find 3 people who can help stop The Authority. However, what I liked was that you could easily just go off the beaten track and do whatever you pleased. If there were little side missions to complete while you were on the way, happy days, you could crack on and do it, found something interesting to investigate? Go ahead, the missions will wait. The good thing about this is that it allowed you to stock up on items, ammo as well as get to explore the vast lands.

I loved the design to the world and how the wasteland was interpreted, also the colours that were used, it was shown in a wonderfully bright and vibrant way, which I learned was taken from the 80s and 90s comics where they would use bright and brilliant colours. Hence the reason for a lot of pink tones in menus and the world being as colourful as it is. I liked how the AI would react and move, especially during combat, the goons within the world were fun to watch. They would dance around and try to shoot you at times by shooting through there legs or other non-conventional ways, which added a brilliant touch to the game and added life to it.

There was plenty to see and do within the world, you literally couldn’t go more than 150 metres without something showing up, whether it was a roadblock, bandit den, or a giant mutant there would always be something to keep you occupied and a lot of the time I found myself going off track and doing a lot of the little side things rather than the main story, but I have to be honest, I was having so much fun doing it while making my way to the missions that it didn’t really bother me. The main missions did a lot of the time seem to be a fair distance away from each other so it made going off the beaten track quite easy to do, and I do wonder if this was done intentionally to get people to explore the world a bit more.

My only issue was that after a few hours you could see the rinse and repeat style missions start to come through and the variety would drop which kind of made me lose a bit of interest in doing them and got me to move onto the main mission to get through some of the story before going back and doing more on my next trek across the wastelands.

This is were Rage 2 stumbles for me, it’s the same as pretty much every other open world game, the side missions away from the story are just rinse and repeat of a few varieties and despite the size of the world on offer, this, unfortunately, can’t hide the same formula being used.

Don’t get me wrong, Rage 2 is fantastic, but it’s just unfortunate that it’s the same formula being used and doesn’t really bring anything new to the game. Take the perks and leveling system, once you’ve collected certain items such as feltrite, you can unlock certain tiers, which in turn, you can unlock perks for things like your gun, so you can add faster reloading or extended mag, these are all just the basics of what we’re used to, which can be a good thing, but again, doesn’t bring anything new to the table

Technically I found Rage 2 good, the movement and the guns felt brilliant, certain aspects took a while to get used to, but after playing for a bit, it kind of becomes second nature.

Would I recommend Rage 2? Yes, purely because it is so much fun to play, it’s random, over the top and bat shit crazy. I guess that is one thing that sets it apart from other open worlds, I don’t think there is much if anything that is as crazy in the open world genre as this is. Rage 2 will more than likely consume a lot of hours of your time with all the different things there are to do within the world, but it’s so much fun that you probably won’t even notice. Just one more mission?

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