Pure Pool Review

When i heard of this game coming out, I was a little excited. I like playing pool with friends, and i have played some other older pool games on previous consoles, and although there basic, they were fun. The games did as they said, they let you play pool, and they allowed you to play with friends.

Pure Pool is pretty much the same in that regards, although with this there are a multitude of options available. You can just play a quick game against an AI controlled opponent, you can start a career and work your way up the 8 & 9 ball ladders. Gaining XP in the process and ranking up, which means you go up against harder opponents.

Pure Pool Xbox One screenshot (1)

There is also a challenge mode, where you can take on challenges and try and get to the top of leader board. One said challenge is a ‘How fast can you pot the balls’ challenge. Which as it says on the tin, you have to pot the balls as fast as you can… sounds simple… if you have the game… try it out yourself. You might be pleasantly surprised. Just like i was!

You then have the option to play online, against either your friends, or just a random player. I haven’t fully tested this yet, but it looks quite good, hopefully enough people will buy the game to warrant the online usable.

The game in its self is a beautiful game, and i think anyone who has played the game can’t argue with that. The detail on the table is exquisite, and its even down to the chalk puffing off the end of the cue. Everything about the tables, right to the cue, balls and surroundings is well detailed, and you can tell that a lot of care has gone into this game. For what the game is, I have to say that it is one, if not the best looking ID@Xbox game I have seen.

Pure Pool Xbox One screenshot (2)

Another thing that I think needs to be commented on, is the lighting. The lighting is brilliant in this game. The way it reflects off the balls, and shows up the velvety feel of the table is amazing! Kudos VooFoo!

In regards to the game play, again i cannot fault this game, there are handy tips when striking the ball letting you know where the coloured ball is going, and where the white ball will ricochet. Quite handy for me, and for those who like to play without, I believe there is an option to turn this off. With this game I like the fact that it feels like your hitting the ball, you can feel it through the controller.

Pure Pool Xbox One screenshot (5)

One area I have found that the game is let down in, is by the controls. More specifically the stick controls and hitting the ball. Now, im not entirely sure these can be changed, i have managed to invert the look as i was getting confused lol! But when hitting the ball, I can never get the pressure right on how much i want to hit the ball, and either over hit or under hit. It would be good if that could be changed to use one of the buttons instead with a gauge on the side to show how hard im going to hit it. Would also be good if that gauge could be adjusted as well so I can set it to the right pressure I want to hit at.

Its only small detail, but I feel that its an important one, and its one I will double check, but im not sure it can be done.

Pure Pool Xbox One screenshot (3)

Overall though, I think this is a fantastic game, and it is definitely one to play with friends, however with the challenges and career, its definitely one that will keep people coming back for more.


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