Powerwash Simulator – Review

Simulator games are quite the staple genre when it comes to gaming, there’s plenty of them about from The Sims, Truck Simulator, Farming Simulator, even Goat Simulator. Whatever job you would like to imagine being able to do or try out, there will be a simulator game available where you can.

This brings me onto this review for Power wash Simulator. I’ve tried a lot of simulator games over the years, I’ve ploughed fields, driven buses and trucks, even freaked my wife out when she woke up from a nap to find me playing as a Goat Simulator and didn’t know what was going on. When I heard Power wash Simulator was going to be coming to Game Pass on Xbox – Day One, I thought it would be rude to at least not give it a try especially as I find the process of power washing something clean quite satisfactory.

So, I downloaded the game and got right to it, and the first thing that I’m going to talk about is the first thing you see when loading the game up, and that is the main menu and the options available. 

The menu is crisp, clear and easy to navigate, and it makes it clear what modes are available. There’s a career mode, challenges, specials and free play. They’re all pretty self explanatory with Career being the main bulk mode to play through where you work different locations as a cleaner and these then open up in free play for you to play again. Specials are more intriguing items to clean such as the mars rover and it just adds a little bit more depth to the items that you’re cleaning. Challenges are then going back through the levels you’ve played and either complete them within a certain time or by using a certain amount of water. There’s a lot of replayability within the game, especially as you can go back over the levels you’ve played and do them again, try different tactics and nozzles and maybe try your own challenges.

When you start playing and get into the meat of the game and you’re cleaning away, there is such a sense of satisfaction at what you’re doing, you can see the colours and surfaces come clean and after a couple of items washed, you’re now hooked, you’re thinking to yourself, just one more job…. You see a golf cart needs washing… “That won’t take long” … That’s how this game reels you in, you start playing when you get in from work, suddenly the sun is rising and you don’t know what time it is, I can’t really explain it any further than that, once you’re in the game, it grabs you and holds you, a sort of OCD overcomes you as well as you look around and know that everything has to be spotless and clean, and only when those words of ‘Job Complete’ pop up on the screen can you relax…. At least until the next job is started anyway.

There are a nice variety of jobs to be completed, from different vehicles such as a van, bike and golf cart, to detached houses, skate parks, playgrounds and a big shoe. Each job takes a different amount of time depending on size etc. For instance the dirt bike took me just under 2 minutes to complete, whereas places like the parks and playgrounds, I can be there for nearly an hour, if not more just cleaning these places up. But you know something, I don’t care, I enjoy what I’m doing, and to me it’s quite relaxing and therapeutic and the sense of accomplishment that I get when I finish the job is second to none. 

You also have a choice that when going through the career mode, you can unlock new cleaners, nozzles, soaps etc. Different machines get more powerful as you’re going along and make jobs a lot easier and quicker to do, but then again, adding soap to the default washer will also get the job done quicker, it’s just the soap is limited and will only last for however many bottles you have. You can buy any of the soaps available (for in-game currency you earn from doing jobs) but it also depends on how many are available as more get restocked as you complete jobs. So there are times where you have to be careful with how you use the soaps.

I’ve played Power wash Simulator on both my Series X and my Surface Pro 8 and it runs like a dream on both machines. Which I have to admit is good, because my wife got a little addicted to it as well so when she’s playing it on the Series X I can just load up my Surface Pro and enjoy the game as well.

The game looks great, I mean it’s not going to win any awards, but what it does do is give you a bright, clear, crisp game that is enjoyable to look at.

No game is perfect and this one is no exception, I’ve noticed that there are times when I’ve been cleaning and there’s still a big square of dirt on a wall or floor and I’m spraying away to clean it and suddenly the game will think that I’ve done and mark it as cleared. Thanks for the help, but I didn’t really need it, and from what I can gather, the little progress bar in the top left corner seems to increase a little too fast so sometimes when that gets full before the area is complete, the game will automatically mark it as clean. Hopefully this will be an easy fix.

The big question left to answer is would I recommend the game? Absolutely, if you’re looking for something that is easy going, easy to play and gives you a sense of satisfaction when the job is done, I would definitely recommend Power wash Simulator.

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