This was one of the free games that came with Aprils Games with Gold programme, and after playing Pure Pool when it came out, I was optimistic.

I love these games as they’re easy going, laid back type of games which you can just chill out too, and as I found out in Pure Pool, the music helps that a lot. So… How does this next Pool game fair up?

If I’m going to be honest about it, the game is beautiful, however at the moment in the state it is in, that is all that it has going for it.


When I’ve been playing in matches there have been very heavy frame rate drops which causes some shots to be a stuttering mess. This in turn has also caused the music to be come jumpy and scratched. Not really something im wanting to chill out too.

As well during matches I have found the AI to play some impossible shots, and I’m not talking about the odd one or two, its every time they need to block your shot they will. This is coming from games as well where I’ve been up against so called ‘Trainees’… I can understand the odd shot every now and then being blocked but not every shot that needed it, and it wouldn’t be a case that I could see a little bit of the ball I needed to hit, the full thing would be blocked and 9/10 up against another ball.. From a ‘Trainee’ I cant see that happening… Bad AI rating from Joon!

In terms of when im taking the shots etc, it has a very similar approach to Pure Pool and the controls are the same. Just using the right stick to pull the que back as far as you want and release for the shot.


Another complaint regarding the physics within the game is that i’ve found the balls to stop more sharply than they should, when you’re watching a shot roll, you see its still got quite a bit of power behind it, but suddenly it will lose all that at the drop of a hat and the ball will stop with what looks like someone slamming on the brakes.

I’ve also noticed it when the ball has come off the cushions, it will suddenly stop dead… Which I don’t understand why? Maybe these things can be patched along with the frame rate issues?

Saying that, the game is beautiful, alot of detail has gone into the backdrops and tables that you are playing with. The close up camera shots for the balls going into the pockets is amazingly details and I love seeing that!


When the music isn’t being jumpy, it is atmospheric and sets the tone for the match, usually as with Pure Pool its nice relaxed chilled out music.

If im going to be honest, I would reccommend Pure Pool over this, Pure Pool feels more complete and finished. A game in this day and age shouldnt be getting such bad framerate issues to cause such problems as what I have had.

I am only going to give this game in its current state a 4/10. I cant forgive the issues I have had, it is something that should have been spotted prior to release, and the fact games have to go through rigourous testing before being released, is again a bit of a let down that the issues i’ve spotted havent been picked up.

I had been optimistic at the start when I downloaded the game, i really hoped there was going to be healthy competition for Pure Pool, but at the moment that is simply not the case.

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