Plants V Zombies Garden Warfare 2 | Review

When Plants v Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 was announced last year and I got to play the game at EGX, I have been very excited about it releasing. When I played the game at EGX I found it to be very smooth (for an alpha or beta, not sure what version it would have been, probably an alpha knowing the time we were away from release) and played very well.

One thing I did like when playing the game at EGX was how fun it was, and how it had kept that about itself from the first one and this is what got me excited about the final release.

When I got to play the final game I found that the enjoyment and element of fun was still there and that the development over the last few months hadn’t changed anything with it.

The main menu has been shaken up as well, with a new hub world being introduced that you can roam around to find all the different options available in the game from Multiplayer, Garden Ops, Sticker Shop etc. This is a nice little touch to the game as it allows you to roam around freely and you can also pick between which area is your home hub with either Plants or Zombies.

You can roam outside the hubs and take on Zombies, and there are also little mission which you have to complete for Dave or Dave Bot. These missions usually take on a game mode such as a mini version of Garden Ops.


PvZ:GW2 does have the same cartoonish charms to it in terms of the graphics used, and just like the first one, there have been plenty of different colours used throughout the worlds to make them feel more alive and vibrant.

The characters as well within the game are an absolute joy to play and when I was playing through the multiplayer it was good to see a variety of them being used and not the majority being one or two of them. I think i’m really going to enjoy getting to play each of these, I especially like the imp character as well as the Kernal Corn character. Their main weapons are awesome, I haven’t managed to unlock many of the other items for the characters as i’ve been swapping and changing characters to get a feel of everyone, so I am excited to see what gets unlocked further down the line, and what characters get unlocked too.

One thing I did really like with the game as well, is the ability to import characters from the first game. This was all dependant on your rank in the first game, but if you were high enough you would get some cool things brought over. I think in the first game I got to level 32, and I had 4 characters imported/unlocked across into my game to use.

The multiplayer lobbies within the game look pretty much the same to the first game, however it is a bit more jazzed up and cleaned up to give it a fresher look. It also still has the same options from the first which is to see both teams, another tab for stats and another for the sticker shop.


The sticker shop is also back in PvZ:GW2, and again the options are pretty similar to the last game, you can use your in game currencies to purchase sticker packs, and each of these range from booster packs to get pots and bots to getting full characters. The world is your oyster and you can choose whichever you are going to need. This for me is a very good way to help get items, or characters that you’re wanting play as.

The game to me does feel like an expansion of the first one, there are differences there, but when you get to the gameplay it does feel pretty similar to the first, and the modes are the same as what you had in the first, so there again, there hasn’t been much variety or change done there.

Don’t get me wrong this is a fantastic game and where it does only build slightly on the franchise, it does as least build.

That being said, the game is still very fun to play and will give gamers hours of enjoyment, and on that bombshell i’m going to give PvZ: GW2 an 8.

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