Plague Inc: Evolved | Review

Ever since I heard the concept of this game it has had me hooked. It reminded of a board game that I have called pandemic.

However, Plague Inc is the opposite to Pandemic. In Pandemic you have to try and get rid of the disease, where as Plague Inc you have to try and infect the world and ultimately wipe out humanity.

The game itself is such a simple one, but at the same can be quite complicated. It can take a lot of thought and planning to work out how you want your disease to go, right from how people catch it, to how it affects them and how fast it spreads. There are plenty of options to pick from within the game to be able to design your disease the way you want to. Speed can be key to the game, as you want the virus/disease to spread quickly, so calculating the best way to get it spread it is crucial, and one of those could be by Birds during migrating season. They will then take it from country to country, or you could choose to infect through water during the summer months…. Or both…. Why not add in an air bourne component as well so air travel will be affected too…. Being evil has never been so fun….

When you start the game and are creating the type of disease you want, complete with added genes and it’s own name, your then thrown into the main part of the game where you see a map of the world and all different cities marked out. Your choice from here is to decide where to pick for the disease to start from, your choice will also affect the way in which the virus spreads and how effect and early the cities can get working on a cure. I tested a few of these out for myself and when I started my disease within a third world country I found it far easier to for it to spread before any one decided to start or get momentum on a cure. Where as starting in say the UK, US or Australia would be much harder at getting the end game, which ultimately is ending humanity.


There are different difficulties to try with and the harder you go, the smarter you have to be about how your virus gains momentum and making it harder for the cure to established. This is all very well and good, but the AI will go full on to get a cure and that cure bar will start to go up faster, so mutation is very important when trying to beat the game on a higher level.

There is one issue that I came across, and that is as your disease develops and you need to spend more of those precious DNA points, you find yourself just sat waiting around for those to accrue while just click RT every now and then when a country is infected or research needs slowing. Also the data from the game is very basic, you’re unable to see country by country infection rates and other data such as this. It would be nice to be able to see this information, as I would love to know which countries my disease has infected and who they mainly passed it over to, or was it quite even? Geographics and all that… It would be very interesting to see!


The music within the game gives off a very 28 days/weeks later type of vibe and matches the game perfectly. The Eerieness to the music is perfect for the mass pandemic you are about to cause upon the world.

Overall I have had a hard time putting this game down, mainly due to the fact I’ve wanted to try different combos of a disease that I can, and see the affect that it makes on the game, and whether there are more successful ways of infecting the world, but so far there have been nothing noticeable and it’s just down to how you build your disease.

I would highly recommend this game if you can get passed the moral aspect of the game. But its dark theme really shows out and is worth picking up. 🙂

8 from Joon

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