Pinball FX 2 Review

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[restab title=”Main Review” active=”active”]I never managed to play the Pinball FX game that was available on the 360, so when people recommend I try this, I was a bit sceptical, I didn’t know how well a pinball game could work on Xbox One.


When i started playing it was slightly sceptical still, not sure of what i was doing other than hitting a ball back up the table time and time again. Then i learned the joys of the multipliers and the mini games, and how they bring a whole dimension to the game. Since playing the game i haven’t had the same mini game twice, it’s always been a different one. Which has been good for me as its got me thinking ‘ooh what am I going to get now!’


The tables are beautifully designed with vibrant colours, and have had a nice upgrade since the Xbox 360. The import system was fantastically easy to use as well. I had never used the 360 version of the game, so the very kind people at Zen Studios sent me a few tables to test it with. I put the codes in on my Xbox 360, downloaded the tables, then went to my Xbox One, loaded the game and VoilĂ ! The tables were there to play!


The game is very simple to play, it’s just the use of the Left and Right triggers. The Menus look like they’ve been designed for the Xbox One as they use a block Metro style design.


In conclusion this is a fun and quirky game to play, and does take a lot of concentration, specially as some tables can go on for as long as one hour dependant on how well you’re doing. I like the game and enjoy the competitive edge it brings. It will definitely be a game i will dabble in from time to time. Specially when new tables come out!

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Review by Steve Burman


Guardians of the Galaxy is the latest addition to the hugely popular Pinball FX2 which is available on multiple platforms.
It features all the main charachters from the Marvel film although the voice actors are different, this in no way detracts from the fun as you are thrust into the game with a 4 ball flurry for the first minute, After the minute is up the flippers go dead and the actual game begins.


The skillshot is different from most other tables as it features an old 8 bit display where you have to shoot Ronan when the target is over him as opposed to firing your actual ball at a target on the table. This table, unlike many of the others available, doesn’t have a plethora of bumpers. Instead it relies on various ramps and loops to draw you into the ‘story’ of the table.


Each of the Guardians has their own part to play in the downfall of Ronan the Accuser and the way to beat him is explained if you enter the pause menu and read the ‘Table Rules’.


It’s fun to play and a welcome addition to a solid stable of tables, it should keep you happy and give you more enjoyment than frustration.
[restab title=”The Walking Dead Table”]
The Walking Dead table review will be available from 28th August.

Here is a teaser trailer to wet your appetites!


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  • Steve Burman

    Each table has it’s own story and the Marvel ones are particularly fun to play, I’ve had FX2 since it launched and it’s very rare that a table is released that I don’t like. Here’s hoping that they keep on coming.

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