Pikmin 3 Review

I had never played any of the Pikmin games before, they didnt really interest me when i had my Wii. This meant Pikmin 3 was going to be my first outing to the series, and it was all thanks to Nintendo and the Mario Kart 8 promotion of getting a free game with Mario Kart.

Most of the other games in the promotion didn’t interest me in the slightest, and the reason i went for Pikmin 3 was because it had good all round reviews and it was a different kind of game to what im used to playing. Adventurous Joon! The one thing as well that i like about this game is that it makes me think. I have to think about where my next move is going to be, what route should i take, how many Pikmin am i going to need!?


I have to admit i am very happy with the experience i’ve had with this game. Yes it is very different to what im used to. This is a game that makes you think. You have to collect a certain amount of fruit and explore enough in a certain day to warrant it not being a total loss and running out of food for the 3 characters onboard the ship. (Charlie, Alph and Brittany…. A, B and C lol!! Only just clicked! :laughing: )

Some of the fruit which you are collecting, can be a little bit more difficult than just throwing a Pikmin up there to collect. Some of the fruit needs to be thought out and what is the best way to get to it in the limited time you have!

Throughout the journey you meet different types of Pikmin. Red Pikmin can withstand fire, Black Pikmin are Rock Pikmin and are the heaviest so can knock pretty much anything down! Blue Pikmin are Water Pikmin and love to go for a swim. They are also safe if enemies try to attack them using water! Yellow Pikmin are safe from Electricity and are the only ones which can pick up Bomb Rocks!


The main story for Pikmin 3 is you are exploring new worlds trying to find food to take home to Koppai! However when they go to land on this new planet something happens and the spaceship ends up crashing and all 3 of the characters are separated from each other! The first bit which you have to do in the game is find all the characters and get them re united!

The bosses in the game, i found quite hard, but i dont know if that was because i was using the GamePad and the camera angle kept going funny on me! I managed to do it, but i had to take it slow. I kept losing alot of Pikmins, and when fighting bosses, this is where you have to use your Pikmin’s to their strengths. Example being, the first boss you face has a huge hard back casing on him which needs breaking first. This is where you would bring in the Rock Pikmin’s to break the shell first. Then once the shell is broken, you can bring in the other Pikmin’s to help finish off. If it looks like your Pikmin’s are in trouble, bring them back, slow the situation down, and when the Boss is in the prime location/position again, go in for the kill! I will admit i had to restart again as i kept losing all my Pikmins. Which i think was through Bullishness more than anything else! But once i got used to it, and knew what i was doing it was fine.

Its a fantastic little story to play along, and for someone who hasn’t played the game before the controls are quite easy to get to grips with! When you get used to them they do actually feel quite natural, however i was playing with the GamePad, and a lot of people have said to me that using the Remote and Nunchuk can be easier, specially when trying to gather all your Pikmin back up again. The game is beautiful and well designed and has fantastic vibrant colours.

Overall this is a wonderfully different game to play! If you haven’t tried any of the previous games in the series, then i don’t think it matters too much, and this is a brilliant starting point for the Pikmin series.

This game gets:


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