PES 15 – Review

It has been a couple of years since I have played a PES game, but I did decide to give it a try this year and see how different it is from FIFA, and whether or not it had managed to catch up and compete.

I know that last bit may have sounded harsh, but it is true im afraid. Over the last 5 years or so, PES has been falling further and further behind the FIFA brand ad the gap at the end of the previous gen was considerable.


From playing PES 15 I can see that there has been quite dramatic in the series, in terms of graphical quality and the movement of players. PES of old the players to me would have rather wooden movement and stupid running/dribbling motions. Well when i have gone to make my character on this game for the ‘Become a Legend’ series, I can see that there are still those choices there, and always wonder… “Who runs like that?” – Mainly because it looks like an 80 year old hobbling along with a walking stick rather than a professional football player.

However, when playing a match in PES 15 the movement of the players feels a lot more fluid and the passing and cheeky back heels etc feel good to play. What I have found in both PES 15 and FIFA 15 is that it does pay to play a more patient passing game, rather than route one. This is down to improvements with defending and goalkeeping.

There are the usual suspects when it comes to the game modes. You will find

– Become a Legend
– Champions League
– Europa League
– Master League
– myClub
– Copa Libertadores

Most of the above for PES fans will be recognisable, with the standard Become a Legend and Master League. For me though there is a new feature in here which is myClub. This is similar to FIFAs Ultimate Team which I am a big fan of and have enjoyed since it launched and I thought it was good to see PES getting in on the act.


However, I did find the mode fairly complicated compared to its counter part over at FIFA. There isn’t a straight up market that you can go to and buy players you want from the earnings you make from matches. The system used to get you players is based on chance. Basically a spin the wheel type scenario and where it lands is what you get. However, this sounds worse than it actually is, you can select different agents which have different percentages based on how good they are, but as per, the better the agent, the more he costs and your not always guaranteed a top player.

I got quite excited on my first spin as I managed to get Lahm… Very good player… One to base a team around to start with…. However… I haven’t had a single player over 80 since this… Despite paying for the top agent… Hmmm unsure about this system. I would rather have it like FUT and be able to save up and pick the players i want to buy….

Master league is the standard, take a team to ultimate glory, and for me that team will always be Barcelona… Until Teesside return to the game… (Next season, fingers crossed).

Become a legend is where you create yourself and take to the pitch as a young prodigy and work through the hard ships that playing for a team comes with and working your way to club captain and club legend, before moving onto management and leading a team to all the glories.

What i like about this mode is the default camera it gives you. Instead of the normal ‘Broadcast’ side-to-side view, it gives you an end-to-end view of the full pitch. Which i think is a fantastic idea as it enables you keep the best position on the pitch to help your team.


My overall conclusion of this game is that while this is a good game and has made vast improvements it still lags behind its counterpart. The graphics are good and the gameplay is smooth but I feel there is room for improvement in the movement of the players. Some are still feeling a little too wooden for my liking.

I would recommend it, however if you were a first time football game player I would definitely edge you more towards FIFA as that does feel a lot more polished in terms of player movement. Im going to be give this game a 7.2.

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