Part 1 -What am I looking forward to: Watchdogs Legion

I thought I would start a little series going of what I am looking forward to, and to start things off, I’m going with next week’s launch of Watchdogs Legion. It’s no secret that Ubisoft is one of, if not my favourite developer, I love their games and my Xbox probably has more Ubisoft games on it than any other developer, and ever since the first Watchdogs game came out, I have loved the franchise and recently started playing the first game again through my uPlay+ account. I still have my Dedsec edition release of the first game with Aiden Pearce statue which still sits proudly with my gaming set up.

Ever since Legion was announced I have loved the look of the direction they are taking the game in, being able to recruit anyone in London to Dedsec is ambitious but brings a whole new dynamic to the game, being able to create the team you want, so if you want a retired police officer on your squad, you will no doubt find one somewhere. Paramedics, painters, builders, security guards, pub landlords, they all have the skills to pay the bills, and in their own unique way as well. They will all come with gadgets and traits that will help your cause, and again, being able to have a wide variety of skills so that you can pick and choose who goes on whichever mission comes up, meaning you can tailor your approach to a mission and use the best character available based on their style, skills, etc. However, one thing you have to note is that if they die on a mission, they’re dead, ain’t no coming back from it.

Even the recruitment of people looks like it could have certain strategies to it. Say if you want a doctor on your team, and there is a certain one you have been eyeing up because of his skills, but you don’t want to infiltrate the hospital by ways of hacking, there are other options to get the information you need. How about a Paramedic or Nurse to get the info you need? Maybe recruit one of them if they’re going to be easier and infiltrate the hospital that way, get the information from the system and work from there. Only problem is, the guy you’re wanting has been kidnapped by a gang for whatever reason… You now have to go and save him. Do you go in all guns blazing or nice and quiet. Your choice!

From what I’ve seen of the game of the world looks amazing and looks just as vibrant and full of life as you would expect a dystopian London to be and I can’t wait to explore it when the game comes out.

You just have to look at the above images, while not in game, they paint a good picture of what life in dystopian London is going to be like and I can’t wait to get my hands on it, which is now less than a week!

I would love to get other peoples opinions on this and what you’re looking forward to doing first when the game launches.

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