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Overwatch has always been a game that has piqued my interest. However, it was a game that I didn’t think that I would enjoy much, so I thought it might have been a waste of money.

I had watched videos to see what the game was about. At first it looked like a big confusing mess. I couldn’t get my head around it, but there was still something chipping away in my mind telling me to buy the game and that I would enjoy it.

So after watching a couple more videos I decided to bite the bullet and get the game. I have been looking for a new FPS to play as Call of Duty has gotten very stale, and I want something fresh while I wait for Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2.

Mccree going down!
Mccree going down!

I think I have found the game that’s going to keep me busy for a while. I love the pace of the game, it keeps you on your toes and thinking throughout the match. There are many different angles which the other team can come at you from, so you have to really have your wits about you.

I have loved Blizzards approach to this game, they really haven’t taken any nonsense when it comes to cheaters, and there have been plenty of people that have been banned already. Which makes me wonder, why do people feel the need to cheat in a game?

Within the game there are 21 heroes, so there’s plenty of people to pick from. However, the dynamic of the team is the most important part of this game.

If you don’t have the balance right within the team then you’re going to be constantly losing. Having a team full of snipers is no good if you have to attack the objective. So getting that balance with healers, tanks, snipers etc is vital. Which is why I have found that playing with friends is much more enjoyable, because with friends in a team, you all know the roles you’re going to play, or have a better balance than playing with randoms.

I have noticed that a lot of people playing don’t really care about the balance of the teams when going into a game. They will play with their favourite character and that will be that, leaving others to pick up the pieces, which hardly anyone ever does.

Pew pew!
Pew pew!

I have worked through most of the characters and got a feel of which one I prefer in each category, mainly because if I need to cover a certain group, I still have my favourite to use from that category.

I will say that it has been very fun trying out all the different characters and their powers etc and learning how to use them within games. There are some I’m still getting to grips with, as it has meant a big change in style for me from the normal.

I do prefer to go healer within games, medic Joon is always ready to assist.

One issue I do have to the game is the depth of it. There really isn’t much to do within the game.

You can go into a quick match and play one of 4 modes, however 1 of those modes is a mash up of 2 other modes, and the way that the maps are split, certain maps are only available with certain modes. But with quick play you’re more than likely to play through them if everything gets mixed up.

I think more modes could do with getting added, it would be nice to see Team Deathmatch, Domination and Capture the Flag added to it.

Not sure whether or not any more characters need to be added, as there are still quite a few to play through and enjoy. So I would think that further characters may be left for a few months before any more being considered or added. However, I do hope more modes are put on as it could be a case of people getting bored of the game quite quickly.

There are options there as well where you can play again AI and hone your skills, you can even create your own matches to play with friends.


There are loot boxes available, that are given when levelling up and these contain other unlocks for your characters from skins to voices as well as badges for your profile.

The game is a lovely looking game, I love the cartoon type feel the game gives with the nice colouring and lighting. Makes the game so much more enjoyable to play through looking at the wonderfully designed maps.

You can look in the hero gallery from the main menu to see how many unlocks you have per character.

Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed playing Overwatch and would highly recommend it to anyone who is after a new FPS to play. There are a lack of modes, but I’m hoping this will get rectified. I have found it to be a game which is better to play with friends if only so that you can get a good balance to the team. However, don’t take that away from playing with randoms, as there are some good people out there who will balance a team with the right character if needs be.

I’m going to give Overwatch 8.5

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